1st Newsletter-1Zumba.com


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1st Newsletter-1Zumba.com

Hi there!

Hello everyone!

Our good news today is that we will be having a series of events for the year 2016, for physical fitness, cultural, and life activities, on its top priority comes Zumba beats!

Dear Zin members, Zumba instructors, 1Zumba.com or ZumbaCircles Group members, or any other Zumba Body, if you live in/around Northern CA, or the Bay Area, and are interested in working, pls email us your name, contact number, availability time including weekends, & your expected rate/hr or per day. We are in the process of organizing a long list of exciting events. We encourage prospective or uncertified instructors to apply as well. If you wish to provide any additional info you feel it would strengthen your candidacy for our activities, go ahead add it.

Pls email jazzy@1zumba.com with your info.

We hope that our programs include 1Zumba parties, events, community activities, trips, videos, n many others. The largest portion would be most probably in holidays, weekends, or depending on the nature of the event’s timing itself.

Wish you all the best of luck in all your endeavors,

Always together

1zumba Team