1Zumba Halloween

Every year I promise myself  going to the best Halloween Party, and I have been invited to a few. No matter how hard I work on choosing the funniest one, I end up repeating the same promise to myself, one more time. Probably, I should  think more about what kind of fun I am expecting, in a way that … More 1Zumba Halloween

Angela in 1ZumbaLand!

Smooth your hair, adjust your tie, or calibrate in a way that is appealing! 😉 Welcome back friends from everywhere; especially the US, Canada, Russia, India, Lithuania, Serbia, France, Germany, and Bangladesh! 😉 My neighbor, Pam, in Santa Maria, CA kept talking about Zumba’s angel, who was coaching very special classes of Zumba. Pam was referring to Angela … More Angela in 1ZumbaLand!

Ritzy 1Zumba

Dear friend, What do you think of a 1Zumba class, is it ritzy? Let’s do some homework first to find out if there is an answer to this question, or not.  May be we can examine few elements such as: when did 1Zumba appear? 1Zumba is growing up since….. How old is 1Zumba? Its total age … More Ritzy 1Zumba

Happy Healthy 1Zumba

Furrowing to the beats of music, whether it is Samba, Rumba, or Cha Cha, feels like a dance party rather than a workout , which is exactly the very reason Zumba became so popular in a relatively short period of time. The all-melodies-inspired dance workout is one of the most widespread group exercise classes in … More Happy Healthy 1Zumba

Venting with 1Zumba

For some, it’s a headache; for others, it’s some kind of pain. Regardless of your symptoms, the function of your system is involved. That’s why physical fitness can be so helpful, especially 1Zumba. 1Zumba approach to stress is to help normalize the function of your system. With its cheerful exercises and moving melodies, 1Zumba can … More Venting with 1Zumba

Let’s Zumba

What is Zumba? It seems to be a simple question, but in reality, when I started my research, I found it complicated and sophisticated question, coz it depends on to whom you’re asking this question, and what kind of experiences this person has with Zumba. Right? Of course people are different; therefore, each one of … More Let’s Zumba

1Zumba SuperStars

  I am lucky to be in touch with many 1Zumba SuperStars 🙂 , even luckier to be able to get their help and support for this page. My deepest thanks to everyone who is participating in our page, via  phones, emails, texting, faxing, video recording, voice-recording, or any other sort of media. Appreciating, Sophie … More 1Zumba SuperStars


For many people, 1Zumba has begun to be a lifestyle. It’s no longer just dancing, exercising, seeking fitness, or losing weight. It stretched out its wings far more beyond that, to become a social phenomenon. Yes, Zumba spreads quickly among people, as if someone is spraying a perfume, and people keep hanging up to it, … More My1Zumba!