1Zumba Crown Win

Nothing is ever like a good health. Neither Money nor power or fame can replace it. It’s amazingly surprising  to see many people, who are in pain, and they have no clue that it is in their own hands, to get better, and to develop an ability towards good health.

It is a simple equation, but not everyone can get it. Why not?  Coz it wasn’t there before. The concept itself was not out there for enough time yet. It is still crawling, like a baby. Everything takes time to be known by little people like us. 😉

Let’s have an example: regardless of age, when spinal damage goes uncorrected, the body deposits calcium on the surface of adjacent bones that are not moving properly. If neglected long enough, this splinting effect can result in complete fusion.

The degeneration is related to the same process the body uses to mend a broken bone. The body attempts to fuse the adjacent spinal bones together. Subluxation degeneration is how the body responds to improperly functioning spinal joints.

With early detection, appropriate Zumba routines have been shown to slow , stop, or even reverse the early stages of this process. Zumba  or other movement physical fitness programs can work for you as a preventive care. Motion is the key to joint flexibility. Regular Zumba  practice promotes proper joint function and mobility.

My dad used to say: “If you’re healthy, boy, you’ve got it all!”, and I believed him; but my teacher put it otherwise: “Wellness, on the heads of healthy people, is like a Crown!” So I guess now,  I would say: Hurry up! Get yourself a 1Zumba Crown, honey 😉

2 thoughts on “1Zumba Crown Win

  1. I’M James.This is my question.
    1. If you are “what”,you can get it all?
    2. Is it health important?How about money or power?
    3. There will be no money how health?
    4. Why do you get all the health?

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  2. I’m Derik.
    There will be no money how health?
    Why do you get all the health?
    If you’re “what”, you can got it all?
    Is it health important? How about money or power?

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