1Zumba Kite!

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Sometimes, it’s hard to believe what you hear, but if you have five witnesses to the story, you tend to believe it!

This is exactly what happened. Years ago, when Suzy was taken to Long Beach, CA, by her husband, she was pregnant, having two kids. Two kids, the older was a girl,  the younger was a boy, and she was expecting a third baby. One morning, the husband said “I will take you for a ride. Get ready, and get the kids ready.” “OK, great!”, she said. In her mind, it was not a weekend or a holiday. It was a regular week day, but it might be that he had that day off.

Off they went, all in one car. Kids were excited, so was the mom. The dad was busy minded, not speaking to anyone. The mom &  the kids were sitting in the back seat, & the dad was the driver. They stopped in their way by a Burger shop, got something to eat, and some drinks, n a bottle of water.

Arriving at Long Beach may be in two hours, it was nice weather before the summer, there was nobody on the beach except very few people here and there. The weather was really good, not cold, not hot, sunny no clouds, and strange quietness.

The dad said he would run some errands, n  prepared to drop them off on the sidewalk. The mom didn’t have an umbrella,  a chair, or any beach tools, so she asked him if they should get something. So they went to the nearest toy store, n got few things, one of them was a kite, the son chose. Going back to the same point again, dropping them off, n departed in a hurry, the father acted.

sem uzNow Suzy was all by herself, with two little kids, with no cell-phones yet at that time, or coins for using any outside phone. She dragged herself down those long steps, in Long Beach shores, carrying the bags of toys for the kids, and a mat to sit on, while on the sand.

The kids were so happy, playing with the ball, the rackets, n the rope. Suzy was worried coz the beach was so empty of people, and anything could happen, while there was no way for her to contact her husband, or ask anybody for help. It was a bad situation indeed! 🙄

She grabbed the kite out when her son asked for it, trying to show him how to manage it. He tried to make it fly up in the air, which was hard coz he was only about 3 yrs old, so short and slim. His sister came by helping him. Finally they succeeded in having the kite fly. They were running from one side to the other. The mom with her eyes on both of them,  trying to suggest a move for them every now and then. They were laughing having a good time. Suzy’s worries were kept for herself.

Other few people gradually appeared around playing with their kites as well:

All of a sudden the boy lost control of that spool, and he was running after it, so was his sister. She was able to catch it after a quick jump, and gave it back to him. Then, within  few moments later on, it just happened again, but that time, the spool and the line went up and flew with  the kite up higher and higher. The mother saw her kids running after the kite trying to get hold of any part of it, but it was in vain. 

Suzy ran after them, and after the kite, but none of them was able to seize it. It went up very high, no matter how high they would jump, they were not able to get it. Wow! That moment was harsh. The look in the eyes of the kids, the sorrow, and the mother’s helplessness and inability to do anything to  save their kite was unforgettable.

Suzy tried to calm down her youngster, who was crying for his kite. It was his first kite, and she knew how dear the first kite was for every child his age. She gave him another toy, and engaged him in other games. Although he stopped crying,  on his face, there was still that expression of “I am sad I lost my kite”.

The kite didn’t go anywhere, and that was the strangest thing ever. The kite kept flying up and up in the air, until it reached a certain point. At that moment, Suzy could see that there was other kites up there in the open sky, but none of them was  a “1Zumba” kite flying with no control. All the other kites were managed by their controllers. She felt sorry that that happened although it was not in her hands at all, to control any part of that incident.

What else should she have done? She continued watching the kids, looking up in the sky from time to time, to make sure that she was still aware of where the kite was. The beach bathrooms were terrible, cement type, with open walls, there was nobody else there, but still, it was ugly, and creepy.

The father appeared late afternoon, when the sun started to excuse itself. Suzy was  murmuring words for herself. Some phrases her grandma taught her to recite when she was in trouble. She kept repeating those phrases over n over again in her mind, without uttering them.

Now, here was the huge surprise: the father kind of made fun of the mother, saying “was it hard to take care of a kite?!” Suzy was about to explode in tears, not because of the kite, but because of the way he talked to her around their kids. She kept herself together, and continued repeating the words to save the kite.

Magically, and that was the part that nobody believed, the kite started going down, little by little, as if an angel heard what Suzy was asking for, all those hours. The kite was sashaying down as if it a bride walking down her Aisle with killer shoes. The whole family was in shock. The kite flew down to land on the top of a house by the beach. The family drove fast there and rang the doorbell, a gentleman answered  the door, and they explained to him that the boy’s kite landed on his roof.

The man was surprised but he was able to get the kite back to the family. Suzy was extremely happy, for many  reasons. She knew that there was someone watching over her, that she got some kind of very special support from somewhere. But until this moment, she never told that incident to anybody, except to the very close relatives of hers, but never mentioned what the words were.

It was a rare thing to happen. I believed her, coz as I told you at the beginning, there were five witnesses to that happening: the two kids, the father, the homeowner, and Suzy.

That was all, to the best of my knowledge, except for one tiny thing: their kite was probably my “1Zumba” Kite! 😉

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