1Zumba Flow

…..would just be nice to have common courtesy to those that got there early. So sometimes by the time the class gets sta…… … More 1Zumba Flow

1Zumba Free interNet

To all of you, including our current readers, followers, n visitors “Thank YOU”. To our new ones from the US, Russia, India, the UK, Brazil, South Africa, France, n Canada. 😉 Now what? Now it is time to say it out loud. It is true and we need all to talk about it.  It should … More 1Zumba Free interNet

1Zumba Kill

Thank you dear readers and visitors everywhere, I just love you all wherever you are  😉 “Sometimes he wanted me to feel that I am a bad girl. But I am not. I should not let this impact my behavior or my mood, what do you think, Sophie? Some people like to have all the attention … More 1Zumba Kill