?? Prizes 1Zumba!

Readers, friends, & followers, it’s a big welcome to all of you, especially from the US, India, Turkey, & Italy¬†ūüėČ Our session today is brief, but of great benefit to all of you. One it’s reading, and reading is always good for our brains, coz it makes it thinking to do what it’s supposed to … More ?? Prizes 1Zumba!

Wendy, 1Zumba Friend!

Here we go again, welcome and thank you for coming. It’s been wonderful to have you all with us: the US,the UK, Germany, Vietnam, Slovenia, Peru, Croatia, Thailand ūüėČ Dear 1Zumba friend, we miss you! How’re you doing? Probably, we’ll talk soon. Remember, it’s never late to contact us. Around the clock, we are, haha … More Wendy, 1Zumba Friend!

1Z’s Passwords!

The USA, the UK, Poland, Hong Kong SAR China, India, Italy, Peru, Philippines, n the UAE, thank you friends for visiting us today ūüėČ We are happy to have you, and to give you a new piece of info every single time, you come to our threshold ūüôā What is a password? A password is … More 1Z’s Passwords!

1Z, Just A Question!

Special “Thank you” for our friends from Mexico, the US,¬†Myanmar (Burma), India, Brazil,Israel, France, Australia, Peru, Germany, Kuwait, ¬†Hong Kong SAR China, n Tanzania¬†ūüėČ Hello and welcome one more time friends! We missed you those last few hours, you’ve become very dear to us. We want to talk to you all the time ūüėČ Can … More 1Z, Just A Question!

1Zumba Solar Bike!

Hello again dear readers, bloggers, writers, followers, friends, and any other person who is visiting our site now, for one reason or the other, welcome to our fun world. You are in the right place, where we are friends forever, although nothing is forever, but that is how we used to say it. Our friends … More 1Zumba Solar Bike!

1Zumba Brazil²

This is quite splendid! Welcome to our world friends and readers from everywhere; especially from the US,¬†Slovenia, Philippines, Brazil, Ireland, Peru, n Luxembourg ūüėČ Today we have a very special interview with one of our 1ZumbaCircles group members, and 1Zumba.com followers. He is a fantastic open personality, full of energy and joy. It was fun … More 1Zumba Brazil¬≤

1Zumba 1A-Realtor.com

Thank you so much for coming today! It’s so amazing to talk to you again and again. For all our friends in the US, Slovenia, Italy, Tunisia, Austria, the UK, Malaysia,¬†our appreciation and gratitude for being part of our daily audience ūüėČ Dear, 1Zumba friend, how’re you doing? I hope you’re doing great as usual. … More 1Zumba 1A-Realtor.com

1Zumba Kitchen?!

Welcome readers and friends from¬†the US,¬†Italy,¬†Tunisia, ¬† the United Arab Emirates, n China ūüėČ Our Competition Question No. 54: Designing your own kitchen could be something simple or¬†something¬†tiring! Certain elements you need to put them down on a paper, before starting anything: 1.¬†Accurate assessment. 2.¬†Would you need outside help? 3. A realistic budget. 4.¬†Your cooking … More 1Zumba Kitchen?!