Illusory Smog Ads, 1Zumba!

Thank you and welcome our readers and friends from everywhere, with special thanks to the US, India, Belgium, and Hungary 😉 My 1Zumba friend, I just want to say that trickery is an old-fashion word to describe actions that are meant to deceive others. This is not news. I guess all of us know that. The … More Illusory Smog Ads, 1Zumba!

Flu or Cold, 1 Zumba?

Our dearest friends and readers everywhere, especially from the US, India, New Zealand, n Taiwan, you are the best 😉 Our topic is not about Gene Wilder, a great American actor, screen writer, and director. We’re just saying “Good Bye” to him, since he left our world few days ago, after he suffered many health complications, … More Flu or Cold, 1 Zumba?