Jacky, 1Zumba France!

Welcome welcome our dearest readers from everywhere. The same goes for dear friends, very welcome to our pages.

Our special greetings are for the US, Malaysia, the UK, Canada, Romania, n Sweden 😉

  • December 13
    Sophie: I prefer to use this texting method here, i hope you don’t mind
  • , 12/13, 4:55am, Jacky Pichonnière

    Not at all. Do not worry. Good day Sophie!

  • , 12/13, 4:59pm
    Jacky Good Day to you :)
  • ,12/14, 5:12pm
    Sophie Essay: What do you do Jacky?
  • , 12/15, 4:51am

    Jacky Pichonnière: Sorry for the delay. Jet lag. I am a sports coach. I’m French.

  • Good day Sophie.

  • , 12/15, 4:47pm

    Sophie Essay: Hi Jacky, would you be interested in having an interview with 1Zumba.com ?

  • 1Zumba.Com
    1Zumba.com is about Life Matters
  • 12/16, 3:40am

    Ohhhh yessssss!

  • December 16
  • 12/16, 6:55pm

    Great! What do you do for living?

    Where are you located?

    Have you read any of our posts/articles?

  • , 12/18, 5:27am

    Jacky PichonnièreHello
    Sorry Sophie, i’m very busy with the Christmas holidays.
    I have not read yet your posts articles.
    I’m French. I live to Bretagne in France. I’m born Réunion Island.

    Displaying IMG_0288.JPG

  • , 12/18, 9:17am

    Sophie EssayI understand Merry Christmas.

    What is your background/education/work/hobbies?

  • Hello!

    Shall I send you all the questions at one time?

  • 12/21, 9:38am

    Jacky PichonnièreHello!

    Yes for the questions.

    If not, i am sports educator

    On higher school. Private school in the sport. I love Zumba.

    I practice for 6 years

    I give gym classes to children, adults and seniors.

    Displaying PICT0195.JPG

  • Hi,

    Before that what did you do?

    – Is there any special life experience you would like to tell our readers?

    – What is the most famous place in France?

    – What is the best movie, you like to watch over & over again?

    – What dreams do you have?

    – Do you feel that you’re born for a message that you need to deliver to people everywhere?

    – What kind of music that moves you the most?

    Sophie Essay
    We shall need one photo for the main title, and 5-7 photos for the body of the article.

    Thank you 🙂

    Jacky PichonnièreDisplaying zumba cowboy.jpg

    I am a formée footballer. I followed a sport section. I was born to Réunion Island, Indian ocean.

    I love being in touch with the public. Animation remains the activity that flourishes me. Before, i worked in the city.

    I was an employee. I became independent then. Today, i work in many city. Afterwards……after!!!!! I am no longer available 😜

  • , 12/22, 9:47am, Sophie Essay

    That’s Great!

    Not enough for our article, haha! So if you kindly reply to our questions, and you can add questions if you like.

    We can send more questions if it is still short, if you wish.

  • 12/22, 10:49am

    Jacky Pichonnière

    France is wonderful, but my native island is the most beautiful in the world

    Have you got a e-mail?… for the photos.

  • 12/22, 10:51am
  • 10:43am, Sophie Essay

    Sure, you can send it to sophie@1Zumba.com, or drs.ess@gmail.com, whichever you feel more comfortable with. (y)

    12/26, 7:39 pm, Jacky PichonnièreDisplaying DSCF0278.JPG

    Still not available!!! I send you some pictures. To answer a few questions, my dearest wish remains peace in the world. For the musics, i love U2, Depeche Mode, the Beatles, Coldplay, Supertramp.

    I love too salsa, thanks to the 1Zumba!😜     

  • He was brief but awesome! His life rhythm might be tough for some of us, but so long as he enjoys it, that’s what matters.My 1Zumba friend, Pat, expressed that she is terribly slow person. When I asked her “in what way?”.

    She said: “Everything”

    I’m not sure if this is true, but that was how she felt about herself, when she read about our new Superstar, and how he is so busy all the time.

    I wish that you wouldn’t feel the same like Patricia; instead, use these feelings towards motivation n inspiration. Yes! Ask Jacky questions: such as, how did u do this or how did u do that? It’s never wrong to ask questions. Almost, it is the best way to really learn something.

    All our interviews are for determined people, who were able to achieve most of their dreams, and probably have some more.

    They Like to talk about what they did and how they did it. They are certainly proud of being able to explain to anyone any part of their journey to success.

    We give our deep thanks and best wishes to Jacky, for sharing those moments with all of us.

    Oops! Someone is calling me for a break. Haha! Let me excuse myself from your company for a little bit then.

    With our hugs n kisses, until we talk some more ❤

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