1Zumba Gabriela, Queen’f Losing Weight!

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Today, it is our pleasure to introduce a new SuperStar to all of you. She is now new to our group, but she is an addition to our SuperStars. She is the fabulous Gabriela Ángel Porcina!

11/15/2016, Sophie Essay:

Let’s start by this:

– How would you like to introduce yourself to anyone?

– What is your career, & how did you start thinking of taking this career? – Why did you feel you like it?

– What kind of work is it, i.e. are you employed by a company? Is it a partnership? etc.

– What other hobbies or line of work are you involved in, additionally to this work? – Is there times, when you wish that you choose another line of work?

  • Sophie: Hi, here are the first 3 questions !!!!! Thank you !!!

    Hello my name is Gabriela Porcina and I am 53 years old. I would like to tell you a little bit about my life before losing 110 pounds.

    In 2013, I weighed 220 pounds. I had tried many diets and magical formulas to lose weight.

    I was very worried with the fact that I was turning 50 years old and I was fully aware of the health and hormonal changes taking place. I knew that I needed to change.

    The day I turned 50 I woke up with the firm decision that “Today is the first day of a new me”.

    Then I asked my family not to give me anything for my birthday other than a membership to join the gym. They gave me the best gift of my life: access to regular fitness and a personal coach.

    I started the exact day of my birthday, February 19, 2013 without knowing what the future had  for me. The first thing I started with was learning how to eat and also how to adapt to my new lifestyle.

    I started to transform myself thanks to my personal trainer Clifford Dantier who suggested joining Zumba classes in order to reduce my anxiety. I also joined spinning and kick boxing classes.

    After a year of hard work and dedication to the new me, I lost 110 pounds all by exercising and having a healthy diet. In 2015 I became the Success Story at Steve Nash. That same year I also became a Zumba instructor.

    Today, I am a very dedicated person who loves to motivate and inspire women of all ages to have confidence in themselves. Women in their 50’s can have the body that they want to have all while becoming healthy and increasing their energy.

  •  11/24, 4:36pm, Gabriela Ángel Porcina

    I love my career. I have been working as a caregiver for special needs kids for 18 years. I have worked with children since I was very young.

    When I started working with special needs children for the first time, I felt so passionate about being able to help them day by day, being able to reinvent routines with them, and helping to simplify their lives and find success.

    Accommodating their needs is my number one goal. Special needs children have a huge potential to succeed in life and interact with society if you guide them, understand them and if you know how to work with them. I chose this career because

    I like to work with kids, specifically with special needs kids. They are great teachers. Thanks to them I have learned to see life in a different way. I really love my job!

    • Sophie Essay

      OK! Tell me now what do you like about our group.

    • Gabriela Ángel Porcina12/28, 7:22pm, Gabriela Ángel Porcina

      What I like is the name because I feel connected, love Zumba and I’m a Zumba Instructor.

      To connect and share my passion and also what did help me in my transformation and in my New Life.

      To be active , happy, positive , dance my Latin Music and get together with other people , that’s the reason I love this page,  1ZumbaCircles.

      Also, because I want to inspire other people that struggle with their weight. I know how hard it is but I know it can be done, one step at the time and transformation will happen.  

      Also, I want to reach people in my group age , because is possible to lose weight, to look fit , to be active. We can look good and healthy just we need to push ourselvs be 50 and plus is a bigger motivation to be active !!!

      That was the interview with the awesome Gabriela, the Queen of Weight Loss. If she was able to do it; you can certainly do it yourself!

      Thank you Gab for sharing this fantastic life story with all of us. It has been a pleasure talking to you. You’ve been wonderful member in our group, and we wish you all the best in your life. Certainly, we will have more interviews with you.

      Shall we get some nutritious food, then come back again? Yes! Until then, here’s our hugs & kisses ❤


14 thoughts on “1Zumba Gabriela, Queen’f Losing Weight!

  1. Bravo Gabriela!! Very well done . I know it takes a lot of hard work to do what you’ve done. That’s why we, your friends are very proud of you. You inspired a lot of people who really want to lose weight . A big congrats to you Gabbi!

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  2. Congratulations Gabriela Porcina!

    Gabriela is a a very passionate and a dedicated woman!
    She arrives to the gym full of energy and is a very passionate Zumba instructor with energetic music and great Latin moves. I also recommend Gabriela’s Zumba class.
    Gabriela’s story has been an inspiration to others.

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  3. Gaby, I couldn’t be more proud of you! You have inspired and achieved so much! Keep dancing and sharing your great energy and determination! You are a rock star! We love you!

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  4. Through hard work and perseverance, you have made your dreams come true and inspired others on your journey. Keep up the great work and keep moving forward doing what you love to do!


  5. Gabriela Porcina’s story is very inspirational not only women but everyone and for people in any age. She is a very hard worker woman, a very passionate and dedicate person in all what she does. I want to look like you my friend the Quinn of weight lost when I be your age!


  6. Gabriela is a great Zumba Instructor . She has worked hard to achieve this and is very dedicated. She is full of contagious energy. The music is lively and she makes it a lot of fun. I recommend her class to everyone.


  7. Congrats Gabby on everything you have done with Zumba and in life !!you are a great Inspiration to others ! Keep up the amazing work!


  8. Sophi and 1Zumba.com , thanks for inviting me and for the time , Yes if Gabriela did it we can do it , at the biginig is hard yes but the days go by and transformation bigings , I encocourage any one who wants to lose waight not just do it as resolution no , Do it as part of a new life and don’t give up , I learn can be done at 50 , I learn new things that help me improve my life , also recommend Zumba the best way to keep in shape moving, happy .Thanks to all of you and Happy 2017 , let this New year bring the best !!!

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  9. Gabriela is an example to fallow, is not easy journey but she did it! I meet her and she is a fantastic woman and friend, very supportive. I am her fun because her story , her passion and dedication to all she does . Love you amiga and bravo ! You are the Queen of weight loss .

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    1. Thanks my Beutiful Friend Ruth , my mentor and friend , All your help time to time we need people to keep helping us , help to Believe we can do it , Your Amazing Support today , I’m
      A Zumba Instructor what gives me the opportunity to reach more people and motivate them
      Help them , thanks for your comment and your Friend ship 💕


      1. Concrats on you’re success on losing weight love you’re energy. You will inspire lots of people with you’re energy and you’re passion.

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