Judge Judy, 1Zumba!

Hello lovely friends/readers!

Big thanks to the U.S., Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany, Slovakia, Ireland, Greece, Netherlands, Singapore, the UK, Vietnam, Canada, New Zealand, Fiji, Croatia, n Turkey 😉

My 1Zumba friend, when you’ve got problems in your kitchen, you can’t pretend that it didn’t exist!

Image result for judge judy's husbandLife is not gonna stop of course, but there’ll be this chaos in the back of your mind.

But how about if it’s more than that?

What if it touches your lifetime intimate relationship?

What if it collapsed the whole world you created for yourself n your family? What if there is no way to pretend that it didn’t exist?

Related imageWhat if people are asking you what’s the truth?

What if the magazines or the media started talking about it?

No evasion anymore, no privacy or  nowhere to hide.

It’s like hell for you.

You want to think n you’re not capable of.

You want to breathe, there’s no way to do that.

You want to talk, to argue, or to ask questions why this is happening, or where went wrong, but you couldn’t.

The words are stuck in your throat; you  can’t even get them out of your mouth to anyone.

Image result for judge judy's husbandYour mind acts like crazy, thinking what’s the right thing to do.

Although you’ve seen that happening too many times, but not for you.  It was others!

It’s not good at all. It’s devastating but to who? To me or to my family?

For the first time, I need a judge! 

That is what I imagined Judge Judy would be saying to herself, when she heard about her husband’s cheating on her.

Some sources mentioned that it was just a rumor, that got out of hand; yet, there is a saying: “There’s no smoke without fire.”

Related imageI love Judge Judy’s episodes, and for years, I used to watch it on a daily basis. My daughter disapproved of that. She thought that it was a weak show.

Many believe that the truth always appear, so we will see what will come up next.

Our hugs & kisses, for all of you. Until we talk some more, get all the posts you misses, and remember to check on Barnes & Noble eBooks. You’d love them ❤



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