Reprogram Your Swan!

I bet you don’t know this. First thank you for coming, friends from the US, The United Arab Emirates, & Vietnam 😉 Maybe you heard about it?! You’ll find out soon 😉

It is said that posture can straighten your back. Is this true?

Can Exercises Correct a Hump on the Back of the Neck?Walking Posture:
. Keep the head up and eyes looking straight ahead
. Avoid pushing the head forward
. Keep shoulders properly aligned with the rest of the body. More

Driving Posture:
. Sit with the back firmly against the seat for proper back support
. The seat should be a proper distance from the pedals and steering wheel to avoid leaning forward or reaching
. The headrest should support the middle of the head to keep it upright. Tilt the headrest forward, if possible, to make sure that the head-to-headrest distance is not more than four inches.

Back neck is getting more attention nowadays than before. Can you guess the reason? Yes, correct. It’s because we spend a lot of time sitting to our computers, at work or at home. Not only that, we also tend to look at cell phones and text others, bending our head down most of the time.

Are these enough reasons to make us pay attention for our necks? I guess so.

My son’s girlfriend, Suzy, has a slight problem with her back, and she still very young. She has a swan neck. Her mom told me that they talked to her a lot, to change her habits, in handling her posture, but it all went in vain.

Her dad said that he went online to search for some simple exercise to show it to Suzy, his daughter, and this link was the one he liked:

I liked it too. It’s simple, and did not require a lot of repetition, and can be done by any person, who has a swan neck.

There is plenty of exercises online, in books, in your nearest library, in your gym, or other resources. It should not be a problem to get many resources, but the trick is in doing these exercises.

Many of us would look for the right physical fitness programs, and practice it may be for few weeks, and then go back to where they were. Later on, they have to start all over again from scratch.

Therefore, you need to be persistent, and defeat this kind of procrastination, and probably get one of your friends involved in this with you, so each one of you would motivate and encourage the other to go on. :mrgreen:

The back problems could be related to many factors such as your shoes, your heels, the way you sit, the way you walk, your posture, the way you carry things, but not the way you dance, haha! It is good to know the reason, so you would find the right solution.

There is a number of products in the market which are used to serve the purpose of straightening your back neck. It could work for you, if you have such a problem. They are different in shapes, function, and prices. Results are not guaranteed coz everyone is unique.

They also carry various names, i.e. neck brace, posture brace, posture corrector, neck support, upper back straightener, and others. Actually, all you need is to reprogram your habits, or your swan 🙂

Let’s go have a short break, and come back to you again with more fun, and more new info.

Until then, here’s your hugs and kisses

. Straight Your Back.
 Ways to Straighten Your Back


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