Thanks Internet!

Hidden treasures are all around us, we need to perceive them! Our best wishes for every reader and friend, who takes the time to go through our words. Welcome our friends from the US, Ireland, and Slovenia 😉

Years ago when I was first introduced to the computer, I was so fascinated, and still I am until this exact moment. My admiration drove me to more exploration about the nature of the internet, and how it works.

At that time, the computers were big ones, not any close to what we have today. I didn’t comprehend how we were able to see things on the screen of the computer. After doing my homework, I found out that behind the screen there was many computer languages, which by programming them, we get to see what we see on our monitors.Sophie Internet

I had an internet email account with “Hot-mail”, and at that time, it was a real problem to lose your password; there was no solution for that. Haha! 😆

In fact, there was an incident with someone I knew when I created an account for him, and then when his password didn’t work, he accused me of doing something to his account to make it inaccessible to him, which I did not. But he lacked the knowledge/info of technology or computer languages. No matter how hard i tried to explain to him that there were things that I couldn’t control (at that time), he resented my answers, doubting what I said.

It was not a good feeling to find a friend suspecting what you do at a time, you’re trying to help him. There was no intention whatsoever to block his account or anything of that sort. He kept that idea, nevertheless, in his mind, and our friendship ended, coz trust was lost!

I hope by now he understands how limited our computer management was at that time, and he would feel that he blamed me for the wrong reason. 😛

The internet has revolutionized global communications, information access, and commercial transactions. This complex system, whose visual representation resembles the human brain allows individuals to communicate almost instantaneously across the globe through email, instant messaging and video conferencing.

Because of the international invaluable contributions to the enhancement of knowledge , communications, and commerce, physicists and engineers constantly endeavor to increase its poi power and sped.

If you want to understand more about how computers do their magic, you need to read about Fiber optics which work by using light source adjacent to fiber such as a light emitting diode (LED). 

I wrote a paper turned to a book years ago called “Thanks for the Internet” for which I don’t even have one copy, but it is good to remember that I did that.

So I will say it one more time now. Thanks for the Internet!

Until we talk furthermore, I’ll give you our topics list, our love, and hugs


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