World Countries!

You heard about it, and you did the right thing. Keep on going forward! ūüėČ Thanks for being here. Welcome back friends from the US,¬†Australia,¬†France, and¬†¬†Bulgaria ūüėČ Check on this link to see how many countries in the world according to the¬† US Department of State. If you’re interested in comparing¬† between the countries in … More World Countries!

YouTube Shooting?

More shooting! This time is at YouTube, and the reason is still unknown! ūüėČ Thanks for coming to our pages friends from the US, the UK, Uganda,¬†Italy, Armenia, Portugal, Tunisia, Russia, Brazil, Serbia, Germany, Georgia, and India ¬†ūüėČ ¬†           It’s not easy to find a map for all countries of … More YouTube Shooting?