Angela in 1ZumbaLand!

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Smooth your hair, adjust your tie, or calibrate in a way that is appealing! 😉 Welcome back friends from everywhere; especially the US, Canada, Russia, India, Lithuania, Serbia, France, Germany, and Bangladesh! 😉 My neighbor, Pam, in Santa Maria, CA kept talking about Zumba’s angel, who was coaching very special classes of…


Be careful of a wide smile that carries all the deception underneath, do you think handshakes are a guarantee?! 😉 Thank you our friends from the US, Australia, Canada, Austria, Lithuania, Russia, Hungary, Germany, India, Mexico, the UK, and China! 😉 You beat yourself up coz it didn’t go the way you wanted. Stop it, and re-channel … More Nothing!

Unexpected Weirdo!

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Dear readers  & friends, welcome to our pages today & everyday. We appreciate your time, and we’re happy to have new friends from the US, Vietnam, South Korea, Austria, n Italy 😉 Mondays are great, full of energy n enthusiasm to start a new week. How are you my 1Zumba…

Fashion with Nature!

Forget about ALL that noise, just focus on economy! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, Nigeria, and Serbia! 😉 Unbelievable! Nature is just fantastic! There are too many places that you wish to see, so if you can travel, and you can afford it, never hesitate. It’s … More Fashion with Nature!

SuperStar Bollybeats!

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Dear friends and readers, welcome to our “good-stuff” world . Thank you folks & followers from the US, Australia, Mexico, Uganda, Ireland, New Zealand, France, n Romania 😉 Today we have a new Star with us, in a new interview in 7000 SuperStars. He is from India, and in the…

Whirling vs. Spinning?

Waiting is killing, and the uncertainty raises doubts about your calculations! 😉 Welcome back dear readers and friends from the US, Netherlands, Canada, India, Germany, European Union, Brazil, the UK, Kazakhstan, Puerto Rico, and Vietnam 😉 Which one should you read first, or would you read first? A new movie, a closing business, or things … More Whirling vs. Spinning?

Never in Bars!

Log out before it’s too late! Your life will be wasted! 😉 Welcome back dear friends and readers from the US, Canada, Germany, Brazil, India, Russia, Romania, and Vietnam 😉 “She is crazy! I never expected that to happen. I thought that I was in love, and that she was my other half. I spent a … More Never in Bars!

Ur Utmost 1Zumba!

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? Our deepest thanks and appreciation for everyone who visits our post, or reads it, from everywhere in our globe, or in other, especially in the US, Spain, Brazil, & Mexico 😉 Seek your utmost fitness 😉 Love you all guys, until we talk again check on our updated topics,…

See Satellites?

The more you practice and play, the more competitive you are, and the  less exhilarated you become! 😉  Welcome back and always welcome to our pages for our friends and readers from the US, Canada, Sweden, Italy, the UK, Germany, and India! 😉 Last week we talked about satellites, but your  following question was about … More See Satellites?

Happiness Food!

What makes sense to you might feel thorny to others who are not in your boat! 😉 Dear friends and readers, thank you for coming to our site; especially to friends from the US, Germany, Poland, India, Ukraine, and Spain 😉  Everyday you find out new ideas and new concepts that you never expect to … More Happiness Food!

Your Front-Yard!

When you are overwrought, you won’t listen to reason. Be in control to reach your front up there! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends from the US, Brazil, Canada, Portugal, Paraguay, and India 😉 What is going to happen when you decide to have a nice small garden in your front-yard? If this is your backyard, you … More Your Front-Yard!


Soon you’ll get it, since Math is strikingly easier than language! 😉 Welcome back friends from everywhere; especially the US, the UK, India, Antigua & Barbuda, Canada, Italy, and China 😉 As you were promised yesterday that we were working on a new video showing your coming soon topics. What would you do if you … More Soon!


Swooning is for others, so is playing hard to get, since it’s is an old game, and no longer applicable! 😉 Thank you for being here with us, dear friends from the US, India, the UK, Canada, Philippines, and Morocco 😉  To someone who was complaining of boredom. Sometimes, music and light videos would help … More Readers!

New Invention!

The answer is yes, you are the most powerful on Earth! 😉 Thank you friends from the US, India, the UK, China, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Belarus, and Canada 😉 The answer to your last puzzle is published here today. Before that we would like to thank everyone who takes the time and send a question or … More New Invention!


Just Cope with whatever the day brings you! 😉 Welcome back and thank you friends from the US, India, the UK, China, Australia, and Belarus! 😉 Few thoughts we like to share it with you. May be it would make you feel better. The Earth is yours! Until you act like that, you wouldn’t feel … More Earth!

Let’s Talk Money!

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Time changes you without your consent; some feelings you lost never will come back. 😉 Dear current and new readers and friends from everywhere, and especially from the US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Romania, Canada, Netherlands, & Mexico  😉 Hey, where are you now my 1Zumba friend? Us, Here, it’s…


Ask yourself if this is the real thing or it’s just one of those fantasies, then whiz! 😉 Welcome back fantastic friends from the US, India, Colombia, Brazil, Canada, France, and Israel 😉 So weird and may be impossible to do in spite of all the tech that makes humans more eager to invade and … More Great!

You Raised’m Up!

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Strange, isn’t it? Starting to see our sun less than before, what happened? Thank you friends for seeing you today. It’s so cool to talk to readers from the US, Mexico, Ireland, Philippines, Germany 😉 When my son was a baby, and started having his first tooth coming up, you…

Roses in Power!

Every sport is different; yours is unique and special, and you’re always the only player! 😉 Welcome back and glad that you’re here. Thanks dear friends from the US, India, Angola, and Sint Maarten 😉 As a surprise, someone said she didn’t like roses, when Gary reminded us of flowers’ talk that we started, and here’s some … More Roses in Power!

For A 1Zumba Sweetheart!

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We are completely impressed and thankful for our new friends and readers from the US, Canada, South Africa, UK, Germany, Russia, Italy, Brazil, France, Bolivia, Netherlands, India, Australia, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Finland, Argentina, Israel, Spain, Belgium, Colombia, Luxembourg, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Mexico, Mauritius, Latvia, Singapore, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ireland,…

Good Reason?

Stay up in the air, it’s hard to come down! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, India, South Africa, the UK, Germany, and Turkey 😉 Do you think that drinking is good? What if it prevents one person from committing suicide, would it be good? The question was asked by a homeless in … More Good Reason?

Mad or Sad?

You should show them the money! 😉 Welcome back dear friends from the US, India, Philippines, the UK, Switzerland, Ukraine, Malaysia, Italy, Sweden, and South Africa 😉 The secret of thanks is that it opens the door for many beautiful things to happen to you. But the answer to “Thank you” nowadays has become unexpected. I … More Mad or Sad?


Welcome back friends from the US, India, Philippines, the UK, Switzerland, Malaysia, Sweden, and South Africa 😉 May be some new fashion styles for ladies will cheer you up a bit. Some girly ways of having some inspirational elevation might be through using make-up, nail polish, or dresses. It seems that this summer the comfy … More But!


Do you like happy-ending stories or realistic-ending ones?! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, India, the UK, and Canada 😉 When the money loses its value and the prices go up and the consumers are not able to buy commodities the way they used to, this is inflation. When the cost of living is … More Tomorrow!

Your Dad’s Day!

Just ask for the unseen to be seen; it’s just right in front of your eyes! 😉 Thanks for your presence, we appreciate hearing from you, especially friends from the US,  Canada, India, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Spain, and Singapore 😉 Dad’s day is approaching, and I’m thinking with my friend/coworker, Zinzi, that if you’re going … More Your Dad’s Day!


Your eyes have a power that needs more of your attention! 😉 Welcome back and thanks for your questions/comments friends from the US, India, Canada, the UK, Chile, Romania, Denmark, Russia, South Africa, and Brazil 😉 It’s quite hot today. May be it’s nice to have a puzzle, which reminds me that I used puzzles in … More Puzzle-Methods!


Welcome back dear friends from the US, India, Canada, Chile, Romania, the UK, Russia, South Africa, and Brazil 😉 Deborah and Cheryl joined the forces and came up with a new way of having a vacation. Last week we were talking to students about what they were going to do during summer holiday.  Some said they … More Summer-Vacation!


Going behind the back of others is annoying unless it’s for your absolute end! 😉 Welcome back dear friends, from the US, India, Canada, the UK, France, and Romania; your questions will be answered soon 😉 You feel special, you play the xylophone, you dance, you’re the star of the trips with friends, or you do hiking … More Special?

Roll Up-Sleeves-Hands-Dirty 1Zum!

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Great day guys! Welcome to our world of We do thank everyone who appreciates our words, especially the US, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany,New Zealand, Jordan, European Union, Serbia,South Korea, Czech Republic, Mexico, Turkey, Chile, Ukraine, Switzerland, the UK, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Canada, Australia, & Hong Kong SAR China…

1Zumba Power!

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Nowadays, having fun has become too complicated! 😉 At first, let’s say “Thank You” for everyone who is joining us now, and reading our words; especially the new ones from the US, India, Singapore, Portugal, UK, Puerto Rico, Australia, Spain, n Germany 😉 It has been a pleasure to accompany…

Your Eyes²!

Let the man run his show; it’s none of yours! 😉 Thanks for coming to your pages, try to leave a comment/question when you can. Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, India, the UK, Brazil, Australia, and France 😉 Rarely-known info is a lot, but some consider it trivia, I wonder why? The Horizon … More Your Eyes²!


Having someone who really would care for you is possible in few numbers; let your expectations be realistic! 😉 Hello friends from the US, India, Brazil, and Canada 😉 Why is it important to ask questions? Because it is the basis of learning. When you ask a question, you would like to understand about something … More Questions!

The Sparrow!

Sometimes, it’s short time for negotiation, you need to use “Take it of Leave it” policy! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, India, Canada, Iceland, Finland, Nigeria, and Philippines 😉 Adriana received a 75% discount from Redbox, and got a dvd for movies night, and invited our group to her place. Seven people were … More The Sparrow!


You wouldn’t be seen from the sky, but your Earth tools will be following you everywhere! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, India, the UK, Netherlands, Canada, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Norway, France, Russia, and Vietnam. 😉 There is a number of strange buildings in many countries. Sometimes there is no details about these buildings. … More Good!


Well, if you have to, may be you really don’t have to! 😉 Welcome back friends from: In a situation when you are in need for an attorney, you should deal with it thoughtfully without feeling a rush (it doesn’t mean that you should have cold feet), your chance of hiring an attorney should be … More Attorneys!

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Great! You’ve just started to unveil what is needed to be seen! 😉 Welcome back readers and friends from everywhere: the US, India, the UK, Serbia, France, Spain, and Netherlands 😉 “This class is a joke, I’m dismissing this class immediately. On silence, first row out, second row out, third row out, fourth row out, and … More Just!

Your Heart!

Is your heart made of glass or made of grass? You’ll find out. 😉 We do thank you for coming to us, may be for a smile or may be for a story. What’s important is that you’re here with us, friends from the US,  the UK, India, and Serbia 😉 Within the human body … More Your Heart!