Roll Up-Sleeves-Hands-Dirty 1Zum!

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Great day guys! Welcome to our world of We do thank everyone who appreciates our words, especially the US, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany,New Zealand, Jordan, European Union, Serbia,South Korea, Czech Republic, Mexico, Turkey, Chile, Ukraine, Switzerland, the UK, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Canada, Australia, & Hong Kong SAR China…

1Zumba Power!

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Nowadays, having fun has become too complicated! 😉 At first, let’s say “Thank You” for everyone who is joining us now, and reading our words; especially the new ones from the US, India, Singapore, Portugal, UK, Puerto Rico, Australia, Spain, n Germany 😉 It has been a pleasure to accompany…

Your Eyes²!

Let the man run his show; it’s none of yours! 😉 Thanks for coming to your pages, try to leave a comment/question when you can. Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, India, the UK, Brazil, Australia, and France 😉 Rarely-known info is a lot, but some consider it trivia, I wonder why? The Horizon … More Your Eyes²!