List Alphabetically²

May be you need the one who knows the answers, the only one whom you  trust! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from the US, China, Romania, and India! 😉

Answering phones? Not  now, busyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Disappointment and/or frustration, sometime,  give you a push to complete procrastinated matters in your life. Anyway,  Asmaa said that she’s been working on compiling the topics list alphabetically for quite some time, but she was unhappy about it.  “Similar to that guy who was busy compiling his own blogs, his good reason not to give comments, I guess,” she murmured.

Kokko said: “That reason was included in our post, Asmaa, get back to it, haha!” And “let’s have this list published, and you can keep working on it, good idea, right?”


Until we chat again, here’s a whole new alphabetical order for your topics, helping you in getting a straight pure original inspiration with our hugs and kisses


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