Perfect day, we wish that for all of you dear morning friends and readers from the US, Kenya, India, Brazil, Argentina, China, European Union, Hng Kong SAR China, and Philippines! 😉 For you,  a perfect morning  might be having your coffee hot enough to drink enjoyably. Wow! For others, each one would define a perfect … More Perfect!

Radiant UC Berkeley!

Planning is great but only with the right preparation! 😉 Welcome back friends from everywhere: the US, European Union, Kenya, Argentina, Hong Kong SAR China, and Philippines! 😉 Can’t you believe that it’s gonna be a New Year soon Sam?! For this, and for all of you, we’re honored to share this “Thank You Note”, … More Radiant UC Berkeley!

For Dogs!

Having good vibes is worthwhile; you can say with confidence it’s bankable! 😉 Now, after having my coffee, I can tell you this: Welcome back dear friends and readers from everywhere including the US, Turkey, Philippines, Poland, Spain, Canada, China, India, Kuwait, the UK, and Sri Lanka! 😉 Before having my coffee, I was saying: “What … More For Dogs!