Countdown Live 2019!

OMG!  For all friends everywhere! 😉 It’s amazing to watch this countdown. I hope you can watch too. The countries that have already started its New Year 2019 so far are:            Here                            Here              … More Countdown Live 2019!


Embrace your future! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends from the US, Germany, Canada, Italy, India, Indonesia, Ukraine, and Thailand! We are lucky to have you all! 😉 Splendid! Here’s the  New Year’s Eve, and you didn’t plan to do anything special on this unique day, then what should you do? No worries, we have a … More Tonight!

Goodbye 2018!

Relax from time to time. It fortifies your nerves! 😉 Hello everyone! Thanks for being here tonight dearest friends from the US, Canada, Germany, India, and Italy! 😉  Gala, Rhonda, and I met at the Library two days ago. It was splendid to see the new books and the new library activities. We admired all … More Goodbye 2018!