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Why do you think you made it all the way to the top? 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, India, the UK, Kenya, Russia, Italy, Myanmar (Burma), Ukraine, and Vietnam! 😉

What did you eat today?

You see how simple this question is, but when you try to answer it, you’ll remember that some of the food items you ate were not on your diet since you were dealing with your hunger.

To be honest, this is what I had  so far:

. Coffee.
. Tea with mint.
. Banana milk shake.
. Carrot.
. Sardines with lemon.
. 2 slices of Whole grain toast.
. Chocolate.

Most people eat when they are hungry. Few eat when they drink or watching TV. You, like most of other people, may eat when you feel hungry, but sometimes it’s a fake hunger.Sophie-Food

Yep, this fake hunger is similar to what has just happened to me when I got upset with not having a fast internet, and I jumped to an almond bear claws danish box, cutting half of it and devouring it with my cup of tea. Then it felt terrible – the guilt and the regret of doing that have haunted me. 

What is a fake hunger? 

As Dr. Phil describes fake hunger, it is that:

“Mind hunger” is that feeling you get when you experience an emotion that you’ve been fixing with food. That’s the one you’ve probably been responding to without even realizing it. For example, if you typically eat when you’re stressed at work, then the next time the boss yells at you, you might experience a twinge of hunger, urging ……  more on how to defeat it.


How can you figure out if it’s a true or a fake hunger?

People sometimes eat because they are upset, stressed, bored or happy. However, eating for emotional reasons could cause you to overeat, leading to weight gain. Learning to differentiate between emotional hu …. .more

What are the consequences of fake hunger?

“You know the answer”, as Dr. Melinda said. Everyone of you understand that if you let a lot of food enter your body, you’d gain weight. Overweight is a nightmare.

Until we chat again, just to try to have a deeper dive into our topics, if you truly seek the real inspiration, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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