🔐🔒 Unlock The Lock! 🔐🔓

A dream come true; a new year that you never knew if you’d make it up to that point! 😉 Again and again, welcome back to your great company for tonight friends from the US, Portugal, and India! 😉

Youtube has many cheerful videos, some of them go back year, among those videos: 

I'm Not Sure Yet: 31 More Guys! by [Essay, Dr. Sophie]




I think these two dancers by far are the best oriental dancing we’ve seen on stage, but the video we were trying to find for them, was the one dance they performed in Las Vegas, using the song “Bang Bang”. They were absolutely fabulous. You can try to find it yourself, if you felt the same way about that rare talent.

Here’s where the rest of the world is:

Pacific Time   Country
Mon 7:30 pm Newfoundland and Labrador/Canada St. John’sMary’s Harbour
Mon 8:00 pm Some regions of Canada and 28 more CaracasLa PazSan JuanSanto Domingo
Mon 9:00 pm Regions of USA and 14 more New YorkWashington DCDetroitHavana
Mon 10:00 pm Regions of USA and 9 more Mexico CityChicagoGuatemala City
Mon 11:00 pm Some regions of USA and 2 more CalgaryDenverEdmontonPhoenix
Tue 12:00 midnight Regions of USA and 4 more Los AngelesSan FranciscoLas Vegas
Tue 1:00 am Alaska/USA and regions of French Polynesia AnchorageFairbanksJuneauUnalaska
Tue 1:30 am Marquesas Islands/French Polynesia Taiohae
Tue 2:00 am Small region of USA and 2 more HonoluluRarotongaAdakPapeete
Tue 3:00 am American Samoa and 2 more AlofiMidwayPago Pago
Tue 4:00 am Much of US Minor Outlying Islands Baker IslandHowland Island

Until we talk again, just expect more with our hugs and kisses  ❤

. Which country are you at in the New Year?


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