“A Funny Thing …”²

Energized and energizing, that is how you are! 😉 Dear readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Spain, Kuwait, Australia, Ukraine, Romania, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Sri Lanka, the UK, Italy, and India!

Are books important in your life? Do you have a book in your room? Books are your window for what’s going on in the minds of others around you, for others whom lived before you. Books are your tools for better understanding. 

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This book we talked about recommending it for children. It’s a book full of colors and life. It’s not conventional type of book, it has new elements of fun. Watch these photos:

sophiefunnythingbook6sophiefunnythingbook7sophiefunnythingbook8We hope that the children who are incapable of finding books like this would have a chance to read this funny book and have a smile on their faces.

Until we meet again, continue being here with us everyday, just for having fun, may be a smile, or an inspiration, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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