Crazy Clearance²!

Plenty of secrets you want to keep, but it’s all nonsense! 😉 You are the best ever dear friends and readers everywhere: the US, Australia, Canada, and India! 😉

As a continuation for the Crazy Clearance that some of CA malls are getting into lately for no clear or specific reason. Mostly the blame is thrown at poor Amazon. They can’t come up with anything else.


Shop now!IGXO CosmeticsAs you see again, it was not one or two or a few of the stores; obviously, it was almost all retailers in that mall. Bob and Bill say: “It’s rarely the case that more than 50% of the retailers in one mall to have clearance at the same time, unless there’s another reason.”


Shop Gilded Intent Brand Clothing for Women at
Remix by Rock Revival at Buckle!

Qatar AirwaysUntil we chat again, share your stories with us, engage in any way you want with our topics, just give us the credit if you use any part of it, with our hugs and kisses ❤Geekstore


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