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Why does it have to be this way? Why is there a debate about everything in your life? Are humans dummy? Even for ballet, there has to be an argument and a debate, for some consider  ballet an art while others see it as a sport.

For Bill, he said that ballet for him was a definitely an art, a very special elegant type of art. Adam seconded that opinion, but Olga thought it could be considered both ways, it depended on the situation.

The funny thing about ballet, like other things in your life, its origin is debatable. One source said:

Ballet developed as a performance-focused art form in France during the reign of Louis XIV, who was passionate about dance. Pierre Beauchamp, the man who codified the five basic positions of the feet in ballet, was the king’s personal dance teacher and favorite partner in ballet de cour in the 1650s.

The other stated that:

Ballet, as we know it today, began during the Renaissance around the year 1500 in Italy. In fact, the terms “ballet” and “ball” as in masked ball, come from the Italian ballare, to dance. When Catherine de Medici of Italy married the French King Henry II, she introduced early dance styles into court life in France.

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Until we chat again, try to spot any editing errors, send us your opinions, dive deeper into our world, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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