“A Funny Thing …”⁵

Something in your smile that shows that you’re in the saddle! 😉 Always welcome back friends and readers from the US, India, Malaysia, Qatar, Australia, South Korea, the UK, Denmark, Canada, Morocco, Germany, and Indonesia! 😉

“Never hard to educate yourself any more. All tools are available for you. Just make time for it, if you’re seriously seeking that,” Dana, an administrator, was talking to one of our students, while I was stopping by her office to give her keys for our DVDs library.

Media’s job is to sell!
Sales Sales Sales!

I can’t tell you how cold it is here today, and it is raining and raining non-stop. See this shot for yourself ⇓


As a person, you have too many things running inside your mind, and you try to manage or to deal with all of them and each one of them at the same time. What would that make you? A hero? No way, it takes more than that to be one!

For example, you’re hungry, it’s time for your lunch. You’re thinking if you should go to your kitchen grab something to eat, to go out and get a carry-out, or to ask your son/partner  to prepare something for you? In the meantime, you need to finish your email replies so you have this long list of emails and you’re trying to sort out which is important to respond to immediately and which one can wait until later on.

It’s raining outside, and you want to run some errands, and squashed between going out getting few things out of your head, or to stay home completing whatever you’re doing and add these errands to another day’s schedule. Oops, you also remembered that you need to run to the bank to make sure that the last fine was waived since it was not your fault, it was a clerk’s error. Oh, but it will probably take forever to speak to a manager in that branch, where there is always a handful of employees there, and long line of customers. They come all together and leave all together. 🙄Shop stylish women's clothing by gimmicks at Buckle.com!

Coltorti Boutique

Anyway, the last part of your “A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to School …”, here’s the pictures that would continue the narration, for those who didn’t have access to that book.

sophiefunnything15sophiefunnything16sophiefunnything17EasyRentCars.comQatar Airways

Until we chat again, watch your steps among our topics, get your inspiration without tripping, and with our hugs and kisses ❤



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