Being surrounded with aromas could be … try the wine-marinated beef tenderloin this weekend! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Turkey, the UK, Netherlands, China, and India! 😉

Remember the last time you talked about diamonds with us, there was still plenty to say about diamonds.

But here, Marilyn Monroe was the one who sang for diamonds and how girls loved diamonds. The question is: are girls the only ones to like diamonds or men too?

Women love jewelry. Women love getting jewelry from men. Always have…always will. There’s something about gold and diamonds and precious gemstones that adds to the significance of the gift.

It is true, it’s about the value. The higher the value of the gift your partner is giving you, the more you’d appreciate it, but it is not always the case with every female. Even for men, many of them appreciate the expensive present rather than a simple one.

John mentioned that it is rather a personal view not necessarily connected to gender. It could be also cultural thing, where you were raised up or by whom you were raised and how you were trained to accept gifts or appreciate them.


It’s totally irritating to keep coming up with vicious fake stories against presidents. Is this happening in all countries or only here? My neighbors now turning off the radio or TV once they expect anything like this will happen. He said it was never enough to sell. 

Until we chat again, sharpen your mind going through our special titles, you’d get everything you need, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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