Cheese Chase⁴

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Chase turned around didn’t find his new friend, but he heard her voice uttering his name in a way that should have grabbed his attention. Uhf, he was busy with olives. He didn’t even know her name. May be he should look for Amy and ask her about that girl’s name. GeekstoreSamantha was running towards Chase asking him about Amy exactly right in the same moment he wanted Amy too. Let’s look for Amy then Samantha said. They walked along together.

While Chase had a plate of food in his hand, Samantha had her purse hanging down on her side, and an envelope in her hand. Chase asked Samantha if she knew the name of the girl who was standing with him a while ago, to which she answered yes it was Olivia, and that she was a bright girl.
In their search for Amy, they approached a corner by the end of the boat. It was a huge boat. There were a group of people screaming celebrating shouting but they were all around what seemed to be a table of something. When they came closer they found out that they were playing cards. Chase said don’t you know that you’ve got to be at least 21 in order to play these games. Nobody looked at him or answered. They were so busy excited with the game.

Shop stylish women's clothing by gimmicks at!Samantha screamed: “hey guys we’re looking for Amy have you seen her.” Paul turned around and told them that he saw her with someone who asked her to step aside with him to show her something.
“Oh! really! Aside where?” “Right there behind that door.” Chase moved fast to behind the door, he found nobody. “No, there is no one here.” “May be they went out of the boat, I don’t know, but I can join you coz I need Amy too.” It was so crowded. People were still pouring in as if it was a day time, although it was almost mid night.

The three of them swept the floor looking for Amy, and no trace was found for Amy or for the claimed sudden strange companion everyone described that she took off with. “Well, why don’t we ask the D.J. to make an announcement for everyone to get a fast answer where-about Amy was”, Joann, who joined the search team, suggested.

“Great idea”, they at once headed towards the D.J. explaining to him the whole situation for which his response was: “Sure, of course, Amy is a dear friend she always help me  with the songs and covering my a.. when I’m not feeling well.”

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Remix by Rock Revival at Buckle!He stopped the music and loudly enough asked for Amy to come to the stage. Then when nobody came forward, he asked everyone attending if happened to see Amy. After a bit of silence, a deep voice came from the very end of the boat declaring that she saw Amy and Nile waiving thumbs up to Henry saying everything was OK.Geekstore

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