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You’ll continue making it happen, but they expect more! 😉 Welcome back everyone who is here today from the US, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, Canada, Nepal. Denmark, Pakistan, Ukraine, and India! 😉

What is better than a good night sleep? Nothing! 

Chase said: “At least now we know that Amy was with Nile and Henry, so they must be up to something since I know that Amy was among those in charge of this party.”Remix by Rock Revival at Buckle!Joann nodded yes and Samantha verbally confirmed that she too knew about that. Then she pointed towards the closed tiny rooms to the side of the boat saying “Here’s Olivia, didn’t you ask me earlier about her?” Chase said: “Yes, I did, although it was another completely different mood then.”

He just gave a hand gesture with his hand to Olivia asking her to come over where they stood. Paul who had a crush on Samantha suggested that they should try to call any of the three. Sure enough Amy’s phone was out of service when they tried earlier, but they could try Henry or Nile. They did but their cells didn’t answer as well.

Paul agreed to go with Samantha to check on those side rooms probably there was something else going on they were not aware of, while Chase, Olivia, and Joann went to the other direction where plenty of other cornered rooms located in case they might find Amy there.GeekstoreChase said: “How come that I didn’t notice these rooms at all when I stepped into this boat, as if I was blind or something?” Olivia gave a bit of a smile: “Oh! You might have been focused on something else, normally when your attention is paid towards a specific thing you might as well see nothing at all except that thing.

Have you seen Anna KareninaThere was a scene where there was a group dance, but then the camera made everyone else disappear except the two main ones who were dancing in the middle. In a translation for that scene, it was the love busy-mind that made everything else around the lovers disappear.”


Chase eating from his plate: “What?!” “Sorry, I’m not really a fan of movies. Sometimes I watch documentary or old movies.” Joann said: “Yes, I know what you’re talking about. I watched that movie, it was fantastic, that guy with Kiera Knightly, I don’t know his name but he was wow so yummy n I remember that scene I think they did that twice or may be it was another movie. Anyway, here’s a closed room, who wants to knock n take the lead?”Shop stylish women's clothing by gimmicks at!Chase and Olivia looked at each other raising their eyebrows to the far end of their foreheads, which made it clear for Samantha that she might be the one who would do that. So Samantha gulped her saliva and take a deep breath knocking at the door

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