Chase Cheese⁶

You want to be free! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends from the Us, the UAE, Netherlands, Russia, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, Saudi Arabia, India, and Japan! 😉

Chase was still in search for Amy along with his team. Finally he tossed that plate in his hand for the whole time in one of the side bins. They were all under the impression that something bad had happened to Amy. Suspense found its way into their minds.Geekstore

When Samantha opened that door, it was a big surprise, she found out that it wasn’t actually a room, it was just a door in the side wall that took them deck of the ship where there was another stage, a swimming pool, a crowd stretching there and there as if it was another party that they didn’t know about.

Wow! “What is that?” Samantha said with her jaws dropping down to her knees. “I’m not sure“, Chase slowly responded while touring with his eyes the whole outer side of the boat.They walked into the crowd inspecting and expecting to find Amy there, probably that was why they missed her location, but she was not there. The band was playing slow old songs when the other search team got into the same outer area. Both teams expressed their failure in finding any new clue for what was going on.

Each one of them started exploring more of the outer party, recognizing some faces, saying 
hello to friends or people they knew. It was quite entertaining spot which was totally undiscovered coz they went through the main entrance that led directly to the internal ball room.Remix by Rock Revival at Buckle!
Olivia found an old friend; Samantha made a new friend, put that envelope, she had in her hand for Amy the whole night wondering what it was, in her purse n decided to sit with her friend in the Jacuzzi;  Paul joined playing cards gathering; Chase sat at the bar ordered a nice drink regretting his long talk about the cheese with Olivia who totally forgot about him when she joined her old friend.

Surprisingly and out of the nowhere, a horn announcement asked everyone to go to the deck where the outer part of the ship was, for the big party’s boom! Everyone hurried out to see what the big surprise was.EM CosmeticsGuess what? You wouldn’t believe that. It was a small white helicopter or looks like one approaching the boat, its engine noise was far less than the normal helicopter, rope-supported steps were coming down off its door. While the pilot was hanging his plane right above the ship.

Someone was coming down of the plane wearing the most wonderful ice silver dress. The light circle was focused on that guest who was waving for everyone. Of course it was a girl, but the glare of the light made it, for some, hard to see who it was. However, the huge monitors that were hang up on the walls  revealed the identity of that person.


Joann screamed with excitement: “Is that Amy?” Chase: “I think she is”, opening his mouth in a big astonishment. “You bet”, it was Amy! “Amy, I have an envelope from Nile to you”, Samantha shouted out but it was doubtful that Amy even heard her.

Unbelievable! Amy had a mike in her hand, saying hello for everyone. She thanked everyone for being there and she introduced the big surprise of the party: it was the new helicopter model that was invented by a group of students at Berkeley Engineering Dept. She added that it was going to be available for everyone to buy in 2020 and that they were all invited to the ground show room on a specific date.GeekstoreEveryone seemed to be so blown up super happy to hear that announcement and the way it was presented clapping their hands to death.

From the stage, there came a voice saying “Amy, would you allow me to add something to your party?” Amy put her hand on her forehead to see who that person was since mammoth lights were targeting her eyes.  Oops, it was Nile!EasyRentCars.comimage“Oh! Nile of course. pls go ahead,” Amy signaling with her hands clapping cheerfully thinking that he would add to that invention description. “I’m getting all my courage to say this while all our friends are here”, Nile said with a shaking voice.
“Wha’re you doing?”, Amy asked when she saw Nile kneeling down on his knee proposing his guts out, and the words were stuck in his throat so his voice became hoarse and trembling.

Share your unique link, both you and your friends get usd 30 off for your next booking.Pls Amy you’re my friend my fellow my colleague my life my love you’re everything to me and I never have the courage to express all of this to you but now it’s the time. Would you accept or even consider marrying me?”

“The camera approached Amy’s face, who was in a shock but turned into tears. “Oh, Nile dear. I can’t believe that you’re doing this now. Uhm, uhh.” In the meantime, the plane was approaching the stage, having the steps extending further down to allow Amy to get to the stage.Shop stylish women's clothing by gimmicks at!Now she was there among cheering clapping and clapping forever. “But it’s the best moment ever! You chose right, Nile. For that, I’d say “Yes” and “that I always loved you.” Nile quickly caught her in his arms hugging her tightly yet gently…..

“It’s the most cheerful night I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you Amy now that I like the cheese even more than before; especially that Chase Cheese,” Chase said winking towards someone.

IGXO CosmeticsUntil we chat again, think about Chase, think deeply to see where he’s heading to. Keep being glued to our topics for they have your cutting-edge solutions, only if you can see through, and more, with our hugs and kisses

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