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One day, 1Zumba friend told me:

“When you order a steak, you can’t get a fish”

The logic is you’re going to pay for what you ordered. You’re going to be responsible for what you ordered. No-one can impose on you something that you will not be eat and you’ll not be responsible for.

Do you agree with this logic?

Mr. President asked for funding the completion of walls, the house gave money to immigration and judges instead. Would your President have to eat the fish? NoShare your unique link, both you and your friends get usd 30 off for your next booking.IGXO CosmeticsYou sign a funding for judges and immigration only to turn them against each other, only to cause more damage  internally to your system.


“Bad journalism — failing  to report important news, or reporting news shallowly, inaccurately or unfairly — can leave people dangerously uninformed.”

The Congress opinion is that there is no funding for the security walls, while there is funding for their paycheck which exceeds $ 200,000/month for each one of the gang.

There is no funding for protecting innocent guards on your borders, giving all the bubbling excuses in the whole world, but there is enough money to continue paying Congress while the gov was shut down, and they didn’t care.

Doing nothing and getting paid is a hell of a job.Shop stylish women's clothing by gimmicks at Buckle.com!Geekstore

They’re wasting your time, they argued for months, getting paid to argue and procrastinate and block the progress of the completion of the walls.

It will be no longer the case, coz the walls will be completed and the Congress will have a black point in history for resisting securing the people whom it should represent.


Whether it is about the dislike for the presidential decisions or a carelessness towards the American people, in all cases it is wrong. It is fatal. It is critical.

It’s just a lot of bubbles. The walls will be completed!

Hearing two theories about the rejection of funding: lower-middle-class- Hispanic people feel CA belongs to Mexico that it should not be sold for America and that the walls will prevent that vision to exist anymore, and the visits between them and their folks were be lesser. They were told that poor people can come illegally and live here unseen no problem with that for them since they live in the same way for years undocumented and aliens not legal residents.Qatar Airways      EasyRentCars.comimageDenying security and safety for the US citizen is none of their concern, the problem with that why the House sympathizes now with those people, where was that sympathy while Obama signed building walls.

It’s not only about the walls, in fact there is more to be said such as “Why the prices of Gas in CA is still higher than $2,00/gallon like all other US States? Is the reason the corruption in the administration or may be the carelessness of the administration? Why is the price of gas is still almost $4,00/gallon, is there any hidden tariffs that go into the pocket of the big gang?”, Michael Chang asked.

Pls Save CA people from those corrupted politicians; let CA have the same price of gas like all other US States, since the US is now No. 1 in energy production. Let CA enjoy the fruits of your long-term scheme in saving CA youth lives and having homes for everyone!

It’s  bubbling over and over again, but it’ll all end soon.

Until we chat again, stick to our analysis, get your full inspiration here, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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