Welcome back dearest friends and readers from the US, the UK, Myanmar (Burma), India, and Malaysia! 😉 How  wonderful to have you with us tonight! 😉

Sarah said that why food posts have become less than other topics. Bill argued that we had plenty of food articles and many of them were very successful. Hakeem and Jerry suggested to re-post the headlines of few of them for those who have missed any of the food posts. Right! Good idea and entertaining!

Here we go, it’s for you “Gourmet de nuit”:

Night Food!

Glowing more and more! 😉 Hello friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, India, and Italy! 😉 Do you know how hard it is to go to sleep while you’re hungry? It’s real pain in the guts! 🙂 Adam was so hungry yesterday, he called me at 9 pm complaining about … More  Night Food!

🍕🍰 Food 🍮🍩

Why do you think you made it all the way to the top? 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, India, the UK, Kenya, Russia, Italy, Myanmar (Burma), Ukraine, and Vietnam! 😉What did you eat today? You see how simple this question is, but when you try to answer it, you’ll remember that some … More 🍰Food🍮🍩

Your Food!

One way to know about someone is to see with whom s/he is befriended! 😉Thank you and welcome dear friends and readers from the US, India, the UK, Mexico, Ecuador, Thailand, and Nigeria 😉 Today is like any other day, is it? In a way it is, and in another way, it’s not. Of course, … More

Happiness Food!

What makes sense to you might feel thorny to others who are not in your boat! 😉 Dear friends and readers, thank you for coming to our site; especially to friends from the US, Germany, Poland, India, Ukraine, and Spain 😉  Everyday you find out new ideas and new concepts that you never expect to … More

Your Food Preference!

Show me what you’re made of! 😉 Thanks friends and readers for being here. From the US, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Serbia, Paraguay, Russia, New Zealand, the UK, and Poland, we appreciate your comments and messages 😉 Some people like to eat an attractive dish. In other words, how their plate … More

Heart & Food!

How proud we are having all of you with us everyday, we can’t tell you 🙂Thank you for the US, New Zealand, n Denmark 😉 The first simple rule for all people who have cardiac issues, no salt! Low sodium, low fat, low cholesterol are the second rule. This is our answer for Peter, … More

A Seafood Splurge!

Thank you friends and readers from everywhere; specifically from the US, France, and Ireland 😉 I’m thinking of food, my 1Zumba friend. You told us that we can eat everything, but we need to exercise and keep our fitness sharpened all the time, so I’m applying your advice 🙂 For dinner, I’m getting a whole salmon fillet … MoreA Seafood Splurge!

Seafood or Caviar, 1Zumba?

…….out there looking for friends. Be a true friend, and you would find billions of….. … MoreSeafood or Caviar, 1Zumba

12 Grapes!

You and the night and the music; a dangerous combination that never fails! 😉Thank you dear friends from the US, Kenya, Brazil, Spain, Belarus, Argentina, Cyprus, China, European Union, Canada, Israel, France, Bosnia & Herzegovina, India, Kuwait, Philippines, and Czech Republic! 😉 Have you ever experience an irritating laugh? Chris said that It’s some … More12 Grapes!

A Chance

It’s terribly perturbing to imagine your whole world full of planets, suns, moons, space and the unknown! 😉 Welcome back dear friends from the US, India, Sri Lanka, and Italy!   😉 Be ready for your new year with cheerfulness: anything that brings joy to your heart. It’s a chance, seize it. Spend the first day of this … MoreA Chance


Welcome back readers and friends from the US, Australia, Belgium, Italy, Malaysia, Qatar, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, Romania, Philippines, Mexico, Portugal, the UK, Canada, India, and Japan! 😉 Chase turned around didn’t find his new friend, but he heard her voice uttering his name in a way that should have grabbed his attention. Uhf, he was busy … More

Chase Cheese³

It’s meritorious changing the whole game! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Uganda, Vietnam, Philippines, China,the UK, Mexico, Canada, India, Italy, Aruba, Indonesia, Spain, and Portugal!! 😉 Children can be fun. Yes or No? It all depends. For you, it could be a blessing, for someone else, it could be a … More

Chase Cheese²

A driver is the same as a captain in a ship; both are in control of keeping you safe! Welcome back friends from the US, Turkey, the UK, Canada, Japan, Argentina, Belgium, Thailand, Switzerland, and India 😉 Chase didn’t know that some cheese could cause some kind of allergy. It all depends on the ingredients … More

Chase Cheese!

Bon! Mild or sharp cheese, it’s up to your taste. 😉 Welcome back dearest friends from the US, Costa Rica, Canada, and India! 😉 Bonny thought that we would have only one more episode of the Funny book we started its photos, but she found out it would take two more sessions. It’s all right … More

Pilot Meals!

Decide for yourself, but decide soon, did you think that you’d never be tested?! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, India, Brazil, the UK, Belgium, Czech Republic, Serbia, Vietnam, and Ukraine. Well, what happens when you gain a bit of weight?  You get surprised or taken a little bit that your body started to change. … MorePilot Meals!

Roasted Veg. Weekend-Special?

Gold may shine, but the true shine is in your heart! Keep it shining! 😉 Welcome our new friends from the US and South Korea 😉 May be only one dish  for this weekend would be enough! Hmm! 💡 It came to us by total co-incidence.  Donna and I stopped by a capturing rental big red ad. while heading … MoreRoasted Veg. Weekend-Special?

Losing Weight with Onions!

Oh! Your success is our success! Why do you miss it and like it the most after it’s gone?!  Find the solution! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Sweden, Brazil, India, Philippines, France, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and Ukraine 😉 Onions, do you like’m?! Many people like the onions in their food but … MoreLosing Weight with Onions!

Lemongrass & Losing Weight!

Having everything and still unhappy? Probably you don’t have everything as you think you do, or that happiness doesn’t exist, or that you’re programmed to be unhappy to be happy! 😉 Welcome back and thank you our readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Sweden, India, Nigeria, and Algeria 😉 When we talked about losing … More

What Should You Drink?

It’s back-breaking to continue carrying this burden, but who else can do it?! 😉Dear fantastic readers from everywhere! From the US, Canada, St Kitts and Nevis, the UK, Greece, Germany, India, Australia, & Slovakia. We love you all, and we appreciate your time 😉 We know that you would  always come back for more, and … More

Until we chat again, you’ll get more no matter where you are, just hang up there, with our hugs and kisses ❤sophiechannel


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