Timing 2020⁵!

Welcome back everyone from the US or any other place. Tonight you with all of us are celebrating a new year! Love & care for each other! 😉 Wed 12:00 midnight Regions of USA and 4 more Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas Wed 1:00 am Alaska/USA and regions of French Polynesia Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Unalaska Wed 1:30 am Marquesas … More Timing 2020⁵!

Timing 2020⁴!

Happy New Year 2020 We’ll be with this group of countries in getting to 2020: Tue 8:00 pm Some regions of Canada and 28 more Caracas, La Paz, San Juan, Santo Domingo Tue 9:00 pm Regions of USA and 14 more New York, Washington DC, Detroit, Havana Tue 10:00 pm Regions of USA and 9 more Mexico City, Chicago, Guatemala City Tue 11:00 … More Timing 2020⁴!

Timing 2020³!

Hello again 2019. Yes we are still here. In one hour we’ll move to 2020! 😉 You’ll chat more with us in a little bit. Be patient, you’ll be therethere in one hour. May be these are the last countries to be there with our hugs and kisses ❤

Timing 2020²!

Hello again friends! These are the latest countries that entered the New Year. Some in the last row not exactly there yet: Cont. with us 😉 Tue 6:00 pm Pernambuco/Brazil and South Georgia/Sandwich Is. King Edward Point, Fernando de Noronha Tue 7:00 pm Most of Brazil, Argentina and 9 more Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago Tue 7:30 … More Timing 2020²!

Timing 2020!

If you’ve paid closer attention, you could have got it! 😉 Back and welcome dearest readers and friends from everywhere: the US & the whole list here & more ! 😉 This is where you are now as of this minute, these are the countries that passed the New Year’s Eve and celebrating the New … More Timing 2020!