Reinforce, surprise, and challenge! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, Poland, India, Thailand, Ghana, Israel, Spain, Hungary, and Japan! 😉

What is it?

Jacky raised that argument among our small group while we were having a snack. The first one that got mad was Steve coz he didn’t even give her a chance to complete her comment.

Steve angrily: “You can vote for Biden then, you can choose death for this country.”

Jacky: “Wait a minute. Give me a chance to explain what I mean”.

Steve: “Go ahead of course, sorry for that.”

TrumpJacky: “I was going to say Yes, he is “dangerous” for any other opponent because once you listen to him, you would continue listening and listening and you want him to talk more for his charisma. He has high presence. Since I don’t know the man, I’ll also say this: whether he is right or wrong it’s out of this equation. What I am talking about here is that he makes sense to you as a listener. He talks to your common sense. Therefore, you find yourself attracted to him and wants to help him achieve his goals. No doubt Trump loves this country. No one could argue in that. Is he an achiever? Oh, like hell. You’ll never see someone in his age and has all this kind of energy. Every time you see him speaking to media you’ll keep asking yourself if they ever would pay attention to seniors with hyper-energy?”

Dawn raised his hand: “Jacky, can you give us a chance to talk, hahaha.”

There’s still more because all of that started when Jacky said: “One time I watched part of a brief rally by Bernie, it took me a moment to regret…

Until we chat again, do you think that was positive or negative talk with our hugs and kisses

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