Under The Eiffel Tower!

It is a different look from the day before! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends writers bloggers readers and all from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Poland, India, and all! 😉 Find a laugh, a smile, a movie, a clip or others that can bring some entertainment to your life. It’s hard times and you … More Under The Eiffel Tower!

Seattle to Where?!

Control your mind! 😉 Thank you for being here dearest friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, India, Canada, the UAE, Qatar, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, France, Turkey, Bangladesh, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Bulgaria, Russia, and all! 😉 Where is this going to? It has become a very serious situation? Are … More Seattle to Where?!

Wish Man!

Pain comes before happiness but which one stays longer? 😉 Welcome back dearest great friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Japan, Turkey, Nepal, Philippines, Spain, Canada, India! 😉 “It’s not as good as others but better than plenty” Mayra said to our group while walking. Perhaps you can guess what she was talking about. … More Wish Man!