To: Honest Reporters!

Dearest all friends everywhere! It’s a message for all honest reporters and news writers: Free yourself of your editors-in-chief, and your loyalty to your job. Your loyalty should be for People! You belong to People. This is a time where you want to stand with The People.  Free yourself of the strains of belonging to … More To: Honest Reporters!

Your Civil Rights!

Use it or lose it, this is what they say. If you have rights, you better practice it and preserve and grow it up! 😉 This is your civil rights under the USA Constitution. You need to know it so long as you are a citizen here: Civil and political rights are a class of rights that protect individuals‘ freedom from … More Your Civil Rights!

People’s Face!

Be smart and never alienate people! 😉 Welcome back dearest ones everywhere! 😉 All differences in opinions should be respected and discussed and whatever the real majority wish for should be taking place. We should hear reporters asking people what they want instead of arresting them and intimidating them with all kinds of war tools. … More People’s Face!