New CA Runner²!

²Unbelievable! You wait and see! 😉 Thanks for being here on a Sunday weekend dearest new and old friends from everywhere: the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, India, Australia, Turkey, France, South Africa, South Korea, Hong Kong, Syria, Kenya, Portugal, Poland, Netherlands, Cameroon, Montenegro, Switzerland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Russia, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Nigeria, and al! 😉 … More New CA Runner²!

Art for Good Reasons!

Respecting others elevate your value while bullying bring you down! 😉 Great to be with all of you again, welcome back dearest friends from the US, Croatia, Vietnam, Canada, Armenia, India, Australia, China, Italy, Czech Republic, Brazil, Turkey, Malaysia, Poland, Syria, Kenya, Greece, Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa, and al! 😉 From time to time, you … More Art for Good Reasons!

Reasonable Analysis!

Great conversation! 😉 Welcome back all friends from everywhere! 😉 It was run between two special speakers: Tucker Carlson & Ron DeSantis. They both have the fluency and the affluence to speak using reasonable arguments. Although some tried to lay dirt on both of them fishing in their past, but it didn’t work coz they … More Reasonable Analysis!