July Travel!

You are having a great day, keep it great and welcome back dearest friends! 😉 It is so interesting and makes you really curious about that big number of people who celebrate the 4th of July by having trips outside the areas where they live. PLEASANT HILL, CA — Heading out of town this 4th … More July Travel!


Someone somewhere is thinking of you and have a smile! 😮 Yes, it is you whom we are talking to! 😉 Welcome back lovely friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, India, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Philippines, Nigeria, Cameroon, Finland, South Africa, Chili, Malaysia, Jordan, Taiwan, Lebanon, China, Serbia, Colombia, and all! 😉 The kids … More Class-Analysis!

Tuesday Class!

Welcome back dearest friends everywhere! 😉 It’s a new day be cheerful and trust the good things that are coming to you! 😉 A class of second grade and the kids are between 7 & 9 years old. Each one of them has a story and the teacher has to listen to each one of … More Tuesday Class!

The Best Day!

Welcome back wonderful friends everywhere! 😉 Three stories are her to tell but each one of them will take a whole post and all are tempting. Maybe this one will make you think a little bit more: Every morning for the last two weeks,  a new poster is hung in the elevator. Everyone is talking … More The Best Day!

Heat Wheel!

What a journey! 😉 Thanks for making us a part of your day and we hope that we deliver something of enjoyment and welfare to you. Welcome back friends from the US, Azerbaijan, Mauritius, the UK, India, Malaysia, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, China, Netherlands, Nigeria, Philippines, Bulgaria, Australia, Malaysia, Cyprus, Germany, Canada, Austria, Thailand, Ireland, Cameroon, … More Heat Wheel!

Perry Mason!

Dearest nice friends, welcome back to the place where you find your true inspiration! 😉 Few TV episodes from the past one would consider special. One of these episodes is “Perry Mason”. Yesterday and by coincidence one link appeared to me and I thought I’d give it a try and if it was boring, I … More Perry Mason!

Hint of Love!

From here, we welcome all of you everywhere dearest friends! 😉 When you find words speak to you, what are you going to do? When you feel that that move was meant to be expressing something special for you, what would you do?  Plenty of questions may come to you and the answers are all … More Hint of Love!

Heat Solution!

Welcome back friends! 😉 Why neglecting such  important studies which can change the world’s heat problem? Of course, AC business does not want any of these facts reach the people and let them think seriously about a feasible solution, but how about the scientists, the researchers, and the inventors? What make them slow about it? … More Heat Solution!


Welcome b ack dearest friends from the US, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Germany, the UK, Poland, and all! 😉 It is really amazing when you know that your country has almost 250,000 rivers. Can you believe it? Hard to believe coz with this number of rivers you should have had at least free fish 😆   … More Rivers!


It is good to explore to a certain extent! 😉 Here you go again nice friends everywhere: the US, India, Colombia, France, Malaysia, Poland, the UK, Germany, and all, thanks for being here! 😉 How odd it is when you start thinking of all these thoughts that come to your mind without any control on … More Think!

In Your 40s?!

Life is good to you just pay more attention! 😉 Welcome back lovely friends from the US, Mexico, Hungary, Nigeria, France, Germany, Japan, Romania, Canada, China, India, and all! 😉 It is amazing how you are. If you reach your forties, it is time to do all of your postponed projects, don’t you think so? … More In Your 40s?!


Thanks for being here and sharing part of your time! 😉 Great friends from the US, Montenegro, Brazil, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Austria, Germany, Finland, and all there is a lot a lot to be said but ….! 😉 Heat is nice for some and is unpleasant for others, which one are you? 😆 In this heat, … More Bathrooms!


You wonder what have happened but you have to go on! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends everywhere; the US, India, Japan, Finland, Philippines, Czech Republic, Germany, and all! 😉 Forests are the lungs of the Earth. They purify the air we breathe, filter the water we drink and stabilize climate change. Forests play an important role in the global environment, … More Forests!


Is the world all right with this?! 😉 Welcome back dearest every friend from the US, Kuwait, Ecuador, Finland, Canada, Cameroon, Philippines, the UK, India, Italy, Nigeria, Germany, Pakistan, China, and all! 😉 Lovely days are coming next week with a trend of beachy weather in CA. Prepare yourself and your beach tools and let … More Beaches!


Welcome back dearest friends everywhere: the US, India, Spain, Finland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Taiwan, Germany, Nigeria, Germany, China, and all! 😉 You are missing a lot. It is time to move forward. There is a game change that you should pay attention to. How many scientists do you have? Real Scientists who are serving … More Scientists!


Your luck is here although how you feel is different! 😉 Welcome to your pages special friends from the US, Malaysia, Spain, Canada, Kenya, Philippines, Japan, Nigeria, Tunisia, Netherlands, China, Germany, and all! 😉 Researchers and young scientists are badly needed. Each scientist has the duty of passing over his/her research to new young generation … More Researchers!

Test Your Eyes!

Welcome back to all friends everywhere! 😉 Your eyes as you know if a very special gift from your Creator. How to keep it safe and maintaining it is your duty. If you don’t care for your own eyes, nobody else will care. Lately there has been an increase in eyes problems and the main … More Test Your Eyes!

The Tree & The Reed!

Plenty of things in life that you should be thankful for, can you see it?! 😉 Welcome back fabulous friends everywhere: the US, Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, China, the UK, Malaysia, Cameroon, Germany, India, and all! 😉 Once there was a big tree with too many branches. It stood tall and arrogant and felt superior. There … More The Tree & The Reed!

Summer School!

Way a lot to be said but for now welcome back dearest friends from everywhere: the US, Netherlands, India, Italy, Spain, Japan, and all! 😉 Many of you think that they do not have everything they need, but you do have it all you just can’t see it. Try harder and contemplate everything you have. … More Summer School!


Family is your home and home is your family! 😉 Welcome back great friends from everywhere: the US, US Virgin Islands, Sweden, Colombia, the UK, Russia, India, China, Pakistan, Canada, the UAE, Singapore, Poland, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Philippines, Norway, Serbia, Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil, Guatemala, Japan, Poland, Indonesia, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Taiwan, Ireland, Egypt, and … More Inventors!

New Movies 2021!

Welcome back great friends from everywhere: the US, US Virgin Islands, Sweden, Colombia, the UK, Russia, India, China, Pakistan, Canada, the UAE, Singapore, Poland, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Philippines, Norway, Serbia, Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil, Guatemala, Japan, Poland, Indonesia, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Taiwan, Ireland, Egypt, and all! 😉 Three new movies 2021 only in names but … More New Movies 2021!