She & He³!

Show your eyes, are you shy? Welcome back to your pages dearest friends! 😉

She said: “Can you believe this?”

He answered: “What is it?”

She: “She is married to a millionaire, living in a palace”

SophieCatHe: “Who?”

She: “That woman your boss connected me to.”

He: “Calm down and tell me from the start, what happened?”

She: “I did her a favor in return of living expenses. I agreed to stay in her place for two weeks and that I would take good care for her cat and fish, but the reward was short.”

He: “Yikes, did she not pay you? Or made something weird?”

She: “She called me asking about the cork of her pitcher cover whatever that is and she didn’t pay me based on that ‘loss’ how about that?”

He: “That is awful but if my boss did that I will talk to him and he can get you your fees, no worry.”

She: “I just feel that rich people are stingy.”

He: “Not all of them, believe me there are good ones.”

Until we chat again, remember to keep in touch and get more inspiration from our posts, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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