Phase 3²!

When you are hesitant take a step back! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends from the US, India, Australia, Malaysia, Germany, the UK Cameroon, Netherlands Bulgaria, Ireland, Finland, Ecuador, Spain, Canada, Hungary, Belgium, Thailand,  Brazil, the UK, Costa Rica, Colombia, Philippines, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Serbia, Poland, Japan, Argentina, Mexico, Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, El Salvador,  Réunion, Bangladesh, South Korea, France, Ukraine, Egypt, Nepal, Poland, American Samoa, Italy, Hong Kong, Belarus, and all! 😉

So far you have:
* Phase 1 Building up your good appearance and character
*Phase 2 How to find your prospective husband, running a background check, Grabbing attention
*Phase 3 Successful Dating
(Sometimes details are cut short so feel free to ask questions )

Your agenda must be in its best shape. Be very excited about it but hide it, just ask for some time to think it over for a day or two. Tell him that you would reply to that the next day and ask him about the place he is suggesting . Let him get busy with thinking of your thinking 🙄

5Before going out for your first date, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just try to enjoy it and focus in your own mind on your goal: Getting Engaged.

Yes, it is not early for that b/c you’ve already covered most sides of this project and you are just executing it.
* Remember that you yourself are going to change not only your
fiancé. Each period of your life with this person will have its good/bad effects but in the core of this project the aim is to make a happy family/living.

Focus will get you good results. Of course some people will tell you, you need to take longer time in dating but believe it or not, the fastest successful marital projects were the one which happened very fast.

One good example was my auntie’s friend who enjoyed narrating the story of how she got married, and that her husband saw her for the first time in a bus.2

She said that the young man politely approached that young lady and gave her his card. He was a physician. When she looked at his card, she wrote back on a piece of paper her address and a phrase that said: “This is my father’s name, you can ask him”. They got married the following week and had a wonderful family. Can you imagine that!

This is called “fate”. It might happen to you too, who knows? More to come…

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Until we chat again, everything is mentioned here has debates and arguments, and some try it with our hugs and kisses ❤


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