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One of the stories that seems to be of interest to too many of you presently is the story of “Smash & Grab”.

The suspects, ranging in ages 15 to 20, cleared out the entire inventory of hammers at a Home Depot in Lakewood, Calif.The story went viral since it started right before “ThanksGiving“. It made you wonder if people liked that action or not. It was mentioned that it started in San Jose but it spread to other cities as well. Although some were arrested, it seemed that it would continue due to some new ideologies that somehow sneaked into some communities.

California smash-and-grab thieves were back at it on Friday — with one crew hitting up a Home Depot to steal sledgehammers, crowbars and other tools, authorities said. [New York Times-Today}

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said the Lakewood store’s entire hammer section had been cleared out by the mob of eight during the robbery, which took place at around 7:45 p.m. local time, Fox 11 reported. More

You can hear the police siren everywhere day and night in addition to the helicopters roving over in support of land operations, but would this be enough?

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