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Chatting about the hair headache solutions is an important subject for its effects could reach every corner of your life.

Pastel Hair Colour Ideas to Dye Your Hair | Sitting PrettyFor both men and women, there is a third reason for this kind of headache and you might find out that it happens to you but you didn’t have an explanation for it at the time it did.

Astonishingly, it can be caused by your gel or hair spray. Unfortunately, some kinds of hair products can hurt your hair instead of protecting it. On the top list comes the hair spray and the gel and both have chemical ingredients that hurt your sculp as well as your hair.

Hair gel - WikipediaIt is true that it keeps your hair standstill but you pay a high price for this either loosing hair or having severe headaches. It also makes your hair act as if it was all tangled although it is not but when it gets stuck all together as lumps, this has the same effect of tangled or teased hair.

You know the solution for this, you bet. Simply cancel hair spray or gel from your list. You can find natural alternative.

There is still one more tricky practical solution but we will post it tomorrow to give you a chance to digest this part first.

Until we chat again, catch up with what you ‘ve missed if you can, you will be surprised, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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