Val. Presents!

Your today is unlike your yesterday and your tomorrow will be unlike your today! 😉  Valentine is about to start and although it used to be only celebrated by lovers, now it turns into expression of love between families and people all together.  Exchanging gifts, flowers, or anything that would express appreciation and love in … More Val. Presents!

Feb. 2022!

Dearest friends, here is your monthly calendar! Enjoy 😉 Until we chat again, accept our best wishes for your new month, with our hugs and kisses ❤

Long Story Short!

Many hands make a light work! 😉  The plot was good. The themes were expressed clearly giving the right message to the audience. It is a family movie to enjoy your weekend with your family and your popcorn. 😉 The actors were great performers living their characters in a natural way without exaggeration. It is … More Long Story Short!

For Art Reasons²!

You have a mission on Earth but most probably you are unaware of what it is! 😉  According to the theory of art, art exists in everything. Some people can easily see it. Here’s another post for Art reasons. Until we talk again, when you are ready for more inspiration, you know where it is, with … More For Art Reasons²!


Talk to your closest person and vent out some of your burdens! 😉 “Attractive” will have a continuation but for now someone brought the “Sports” topic in, and a hot discussion took place arguing about the importance of sports and why people tend to be fans of certain teams while others see it as annoying.    … More Sports!


Sing, dance, cheer up; it’s great to enjoy life and to feel free of all burdens for few moments! 😉 “She is not attractive”, he said. What does he talk about? “She is absolutely gorgeous”, the other man responded vividly. What is going on? Why couldn’t they both agree?  For one good reason, the word … More Attractive!


You are rich and yet you like to get gifts! 😉 Could submarines go to the bottom of the river or the sea? So far, your sources say that there is a limit for the under-water distance a submarine can go. Then how about Drones? They also can go deep in the sea to a … More Submarines!

Winter Adventures!

Assumptions are the base for weak relationship! 😉 Welcome to Santa Fe, NM. A pretty different city in a good way. “They like to do things the way they like, not just following the crowd”, Christopher said. Your friend made a trip to New Mexico in order to explore the weather and the living there. … More Winter Adventures!

Your Reward!

For humans, it is hard to connect and then disconnect; robots might do better with this! 😉 Your reward is coming. Just be patient. You work and work and work looking for a holiday and here it comes your holiday. Wow, great you think you’d have all the time in the world, and you get … More Your Reward!

For Art Reasons!

Wall your window if it brought you twisters! 😉 According to the theory of art, art exists in everything, only some people cannot see it. Therefore, this post is dedicated for Art reasons. Until we talk again, when you are hungry for more inspiration, you know where to go, with our hugs and kisses ❤ … More For Art Reasons!

Zoo Trip & Movie!

You need to stand on the right foot! 😉 In wintertime, it is better to visit warm areas. Why? In order to avoid snow problems such as plane cancellation or roads blockage. One of the nice places to visit in Winter is San Diego Zoo. If you took your family for a weekend visit, you … More Zoo Trip & Movie!


Whose fault, is it? Who do you think should pay the bill? It all started when the doctor advised his patient that in case of any irregularity health-wise, the patient should immediately contact the Emergency. The patient went home taking his medication regularly and everything was ok until one hot day in May 2020 while … More Ambulance!


Where does Europa stand in all of this new info? What Europa has to do with your oceans or seas? Oh! It has to do a lot; for astrobiologists changed their minds about life in space based on the discovery that was mentioned in your previous post. How? Discovering that some animals living under the … More Europa³!


Does life on Earth totally depend on energy from the sun? Is it possible that some creatures depend on another source to live their lives? Actually, here’s what happened. It was a valid belief that all lives depend on the sun including humans, plants, animals, all creatures until another possibility appeared in the bottom of … More Europa²!


Do you find your students are alert and ready for the future? “Is there life out there? is a question that is asked by scientists who study astrobiology who are trying to answer. They look for life in space. In recent years, they have turned their attention to Europa, one of Jupiter’s four largest moons. … More Europa!

What a Day!

It passed very fast as if you opened your eyes at 9 am then looked at your clock to find it 9 pm! 😉   It is amazing as you see. The time flew but you also flew and what a day?! Perhaps changing your ticket was not a bad idea at all but you … More What a Day!


You are not alone in this. Why do you feel that the days pass so fast? Is it true that time is getting faster than how it was before? Many think that the older you get the more you feel that your days pass faster than before. It could be true but how about if … More Tachysensia!


Why has profanity lately appeared more in some of the TV shows? How should you deal with this if you yourself is affected by that? There could be a number of reasons, but you are trying to find a solution not to search for the reasons. Every adult is expected to act decently with people … More Profanity!

Curb Sale!

She stood at the Curb saying it was for sale, but all what she had was a dog maybe male, Then suddenly she gave up and decided to leave, though the buyer was there rolling his sleeve.

“I Love Lucy”!

A lot of entertainment can be harmful! 😉 Everyone is entitled for nice entertainment especially after a long day of work, but you need to be very selective. Amazon has started producing movies for you to get entertained when you like. One of the movies that you can explore is about “I Love Lucy”. There … More “I Love Lucy”!


“Very Happy New Year” for everyone! She: It is strange. No, no it is not in itself; it is rather in your misunderstanding or not understanding the whole Godly process. It is far beyond your understanding limit. He: What’s this all about? She: it is about Betty White. He: What about her? She: On Dec.30th, … More Maybe!

Hello, 2022!

Happy New Year Everyone! It is officially a new year in a number of countries by now: Here’s the World Interactive Time around the world right now: Japan is in the countdown: Free printable 2022 Calendar. Free opportunity 🙂 Our free printable 2022 is here as well for all of you: Until we chat again, … More Hello, 2022!