Positive Vibes or …²!

Can you get positive or negative vibes from media or social networks? How could this affect your life? 😉

Scientists and psychologists have a number of contradictory theories when it comes to positive or negative vibes and their effects on humans.

Sometimes, you meet someone for the first time, and you feel good communicating with this person. Most probably you receive good vibes from that person. It might be similar to receiving some tiny chemistry arrows that energize your body producing some comforting feeling.

Contrary to this, when you receive negative vibes from someone you do not know, you may feel that you don’t even want to get into any talk with that person. Something inside of you resent interacting with her/him although you never met before. Unexplained feeling Vibesthat draws you away from that person while s/he didn’t do anything to let you feel this way; only that person at that moment of seeing you carries negative vibes that shoot at anyone within reach.

Not enough explanation was given about these unseen vibes, but they are there, and you know that, but could one person carry both negative and positive vibes at the same time? Or, both vibes cannot exist in the same sphere? Could one person send positive vibes to someone and sends negative vibes to another?

In other words, can you get positive or negative vibes from the same person? Or does every person generate one kind of vibes only?

How about media, the news, your social network or any other sources, can they produce some positive or negative vibes affecting your life? Who can tell? How can you monitor all these sources if it could hurt you in a way or another?

Until we chat again, try to use vibes to your best interest, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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