Art for Good Reasons²!

It is hard to say what art is, but do you agree that any creative work could be an art? Do you remember this wording posted a few months ago?

From time to time, you think of art or maybe not, but sometimes it feels as if art is capable of imposing itself on you. Somehow it does. Your world is full of Godly art so somehow you can’t ignore it. Some believe that art exists in everything you do, is this true? ….

According to the theory of art, art exists in everything, only some people cannot see it due to the grinder of life. Life has its own way in swaying you away from plenty of things. It is your duty to dedicate time for contemplation all around you. It will give you enjoyment and realization of the fact that art exists everywhere. more

Until we talk again, take a break and read something it is all art, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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