Does life on Earth totally depend on energy from the sun? Is it possible that some creatures depend on another source to live their lives?

Actually, here’s what happened. It was a valid belief that all lives depend on the sun including humans, plants, animals, all creatures until another possibility appeared in the bottom of the oceans. What was that?

Europa (Moon) Facts Some discoveries were made to find out that there were some animals living under the floor of the oceans or seas which did not rely on the sun or the plants for energy and food.

Opposite to those bottom-of-the-sea animals is those which depend on the plants or the sun in living similar to humans.

Those ocean animals were living around hydrothermal vents eating a form of bacteria that live there too. That bacteria use the chemicals that are in the warm water which is spit by the hydrothermal vents.

More possibilities in the horizon are to be said in our next post. 🙂

Until we talk again, it is time to get inspired here, with our hugs and kisses ❤

Swimming fish


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