A Teacher & A Principal⁵!

Be the envy of the world with your genuine smile! 😉   

SubTeachersHe was a temporary guest teacher. His line was science, and he was asked to extend his attendance instead of two days to two weeks to which he agreed. Once he fell into the trap, everything he thought he knew in his two days were completely changed. The smiles were gone so were the “hellos”. He ignored the no-greetings change although he was not used to that.

In his fourth day, he was asked to go and stand under what was called “solar structure” to keep an eye on the young students while they played. “What’s that? Are you adding to my job?”, he nicely asked the school manager. Playfully enough, she was laughing pointing at the door of the principal. “Oh! Are you serious? Is she the one who assigned that new task to me?”


“Uh-ho, she did n wait until you see what’s next”, she whispered. The guy felt that he did the wrong decision accepting to have 2 wks extension. He wanted that uneducated creature to give him a reference letter and when he mentioned that to P, she asked him to email her.

He thought that once he got his letter, he would excuse himself from that school. It was one of the worst schools he had ever been to, and he enjoyed teaching but nothing else.

african-american-teacherblack-boardblack-teacherclassroomeducation-frcnbw-clipartAfter 7 days in the job that creepy looking P didn’t send him an answer; therefore, he decided to quit. Right before doing that, P apologized for being late in answering him and gave him the students’ record cards to evaluate their level. He was surprised b/c usually that was asked from permanent teachers which he was not.

T approached him in that ugly teachers‘ corner advising him to leave the school explaining how low P was in treating the schoolteachers which he had already noticed. T wanted attention all the time, she didn’t tell him that b/c she liked him; on the contrary, she wanted to get rid of him. Why? You’ll know soon. 🙄

Until we chat again, inspiration can come from any subject any time, just open your heart for it, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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