A Teacher & A Principal⁶!

Your Creator will never forget you or others! 😉   


T wanted to get rid of him b/c she didn’t want any more players in the field. She craved attention and fights with P in order to keep her show going on while the whole school was watching.

But also, money-wise her paycheck was higher when she partially covered for an absent teacher in addition to her own class. Greedy? 🙄

Did he really thought that he could expect anything good from her? No, he doubted every word she said. His heart told him that P was untrustworthy, but his nature was to give the benefit of doubt to everyone until it proved the opposite.

In his second week when he found himself in need of taking the students’ work home in order to be able to correct it, he talked to P but her cold answer was that: “we’re all in this ship.”


“Oh! No, she is not going to do this for me no preparation time, chaperoning students to and from library, lunch, or others just ridiculous she need to find her teachers assistants to do that not me not anymore”, he was discussing the matter with himself.

Then that’s it, he left in the middle of his second week in the middle of the day”. Poor Mr. Guest. That was the one hair that broke the camel’s back. 

That was when the heat of his anger vapored up all the school. Everyone saw him in that argument with P and everyone saw him leaving the school while cursing P. But that was the very first time that everyone saw that there was someone who could stand for his rights against that vampire.

Do you think it’s the end? Well, almost there soon!

Until we chat again, many times your expectations slow down but with us you’ll be inspired, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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