A Teacher & A Principal⁷!

Every story has an end but sometimes you never know it! 😉

Complicated2Lastly, P lost control. Teachers stepped out of the classes walking towards the gates of the school and no matter how loud P screamed at them, she was totally ignored by every single one.

Once the fire started it never stopped. All students young or younger did what their teachers did, they walked towards the gates.

By that time their parents were there. They knew what happened and after collecting their kids, they didn’t leave they started a war of stones and gravels from behind the open steel bars fences.

P went crazy, she called the police when she got hit in the head by one of those stones. By the time they arrived tomatoes, stones, glass, colors, dirty papers; all kinds of trash were thrown everywhere, and P stood hangdog in a humiliating scene maybe for the first time.

Complicated2That dislike feeling spread among everyone at that moment made them become one single undefeated force.

Later on, it took a very sharp turn when everyone of them decided not to go back to that school until the district changed or fire that creepy malicious terrible P.

Only then the district opened an investigation and P was fired. Nobody felt sorry for her. Should the district be responsible leaving P, without supervision, torturing teachers for a number of years? 🙄

Our thanks go for the sender of that incident and everyone is welcome to share any events with all of you.

Still you would get a number of new topics very soon. 

Until we chat again, stick to us and read more to catch up with your inspirational ideas, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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