April Fools!

Good solutions depend on reality and trust! 😉 Neither silence nor confrontation could be a part! 😉 Well, you texted your son asking: “Have you seen the flying Red Saucer?” He texted you back but not instantly: “No, is this a movie?”  https://ak.picdn.net/shutterstock/videos/1012396601/preview/stock-footage-ufo-flying-saucer-with-red-lights-rotating-infinite-repeat-loop-isolated-on-blue-screen.webm Then a little bit after that you received another text from your … More April Fools!

Natural Plants!

Is taking care of a fish better than nothing?! 😉 In our next post, there will be more than one recommendation for your weekend’s family movie. Redbox and Netflix are the sources in these specific options. For now, your best recommendation is to enjoy natural plants and to take a quick contemplation breath next to … More Natural Plants!