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SophieSleepFor some reason the best hour of your sleep is happened to be during the last two hours of your daily sleep. For example, when you sleep from 9 pm to 6 am, the best hour in your sleep is the last one. You feel bad that you cut off the continuity of sleeping. You wish to continue being asleep but you have to go to work or do something that necessitate you being awake abandoning your good sleep.

You need more sleep specifically in the early morning hours; therefore, you should go to work around 10 am instead of 8 or 9 am. Then you’ll also need to work only 6 hours not 8 not 10 except if there was an overtime in a way to compensate you for your life-time.

Mothers’ Day is celebrated this year by SF groups. Nice Eid-related efforts:A line of Arab Americans cross a tree-lined street while smiling and holding hands.

You have some argument with your physician telling him about that situation. Every day you feel unhappy about this kind of routine.

In your next post, you’ll know what the physician said.

Until we chat again, get your inspiration everyday, with our hugs, & kisses BASU eAlarm® WRX 120dB Emergency Alarm (Wearable Model)

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