String Play!

When your mind is overwhelmed, you need a trip! 😉   You might expect to read more about turning anger into productive energy, but instead there is a clip that is shared by one of your friends.  It is quite interesting since it might remind you of your grandpa or your dad or others who tried … More String Play!

Energy from Anger!

Your Creator protected you with the most complex defensive device: your brain! 😉 Anger is hard to manage. Some think that it is unrealistic to be able to manage your anger, but it isn’t. You might not be familiar with the techniques that can be used to do that, but it is there. Multiple studies … More Energy from Anger!

July 2022!

Dearest friends, here is your monthly calendar! Enjoy 😉 Until we chat again, accept our best wishes for your new month, with our hugs and kisses ❤

Boxes Projects!

Keep charging your body with smiles and laughs! 😉 Chatting about what to do with all these old street newspapers steel boxes which are scattered everywhere you go, especially in front of post offices. Some came up with nice ideas but so far tiny bit of them are used. Thank you and always welcome to … More Boxes Projects!


Go to the bottom of your miscommunication to avoid repetition! 😉 Although it is supposed to be an action movie, yet it has few semi-comic situations. First, the title is “Nobody” and the actors are great performers. Maybe they are well-known but for you it is the first time to watch them. The cast included: … More Nobody!

The Valet!

Never mind any hard time you get by anyone; turn it into producing vibes! 😉 Since it was an invitation to watch this movie with your family, you accepted it and enjoy the light-comedy movie. Nobody in this movie you might recognize. Most of the actors maybe from Mexico. The Valet, 2022. Directed by Richard … More The Valet!


Asking questions sometimes reveal important facts! 😉 Well, it has been a long debate for abortion laws. Some think that it is only about interfering with the bodies of pregnant women. In other words, they think that nobody should tell women what to do with their bodies.                  … More Abortion!

Shark Tank!

Everyday brings you a new challenge, doing your best should be enough! 😉 You used to watch “Shark Tank” many years ago. You were a big fan of that TV Show. Then, what happened? You stopped watching it and you forgot why.  Yesterday, you watched it after your neighbor invited you for that. She kept praising … More Shark Tank!


Try your best to have clear understanding before you are committed! 😉 Being worried, as you mentioned is hard for you to take; but, there are solutions. In this case obviously you will need indirect hints. This is going to be a very sensitive task for you to do. Therefore, here’s a number of suggestions … More Sleep⁵!


Caring is good; it shows your love and appreciation! 😉 Being worried about one family member is normal; especially when it comes to not having enough sleep. While you can clearly see the problem, you feel uncomfortable to talk about it b/c adults family members can easily get upset if someone interfere in their lives. … More Sleep⁴!

For Art Reasons¹⁸!

Your mind carries a lot of memories but your heart is more selective! 😉   Art is not science. It is rather unmeasurable expressed work or measurable differently by different people. Art education is proved to have many benefits for human beings.   Decoration items represent art. When you decorate your home, you use things that … More For Art Reasons¹⁸!


Fresh air can refresh your body! 😉 Since it is coincidentally appeared near the timing of Father’s Day and for other reasons as well, it can be recommended for a family weekend movie. It is light movie where it hints to differences between Cuban and Mexican. The main character was the father of the bride- … More Father’s!

Your Rainy Days!

Life brings all kinds of moments to you! 😉 Always welcome to your pages great friends from the US, Australia, Canada, Japan, India, the UK, Nigeria, Finland, Chile, Latvia, Malaysia, Thailand, Netherlands, Malaysia, India, Latvia, Denmark, South Africa, Germany, Philippines, Kenya, South Korea, Mexico, Uruguay, Poland, Vietnam,  Bosnia & Herzegovina, France, Spain, Portugal, Sri Lanka, … More Your Rainy Days!

Save Your Hair!

Do your best for your living or for your leaving! 😉 Chatting about your hair  is very important for you and for everyone else. Whether your hair is short, long, or bold, it is good to talk about your hair care and how to maintain its healthy appearance not only for others but most importantly … More Save Your Hair!

SF Warriors Win!

Good games give you nice entertainment! 😉 You were invited to watch a basketball match which is something that you didn’t do in a long time, but when you knew that it was SF Worriers ≥ Celtics you accepted. NBA Finals 2022: Warriors’ 21-0 run vs. Celtics in Game 6 the league’s longest in past … More SF Warriors Win!

WA Plans!

Blessings are out there hidden to be fairly spread! 😉 Funny to compare between two States in the way their buildings/apartments floor plans are. For Example, if you compare between CA and WA, you’ll find the majority of floorplans in CA do not have W/D or the initial parts to install them, while in WA, … More WA Plans!

Flip Your Money!

Better results come from optimism! 😉 Why do you think that you can easily  flip a $100 when you read that title on any video presented at YouTube? Because it gives you hope to invest quickly without too much efforts. Your innate feeling of enjoying yourself and relaxing is too tempting to resist such opportunity. … More Flip Your Money!

Be Which!

Your communication is great, why don’t you make it exceptional?! 😉 Some sitcoms as if they can live forever, and this is one of them: Bewitched is an American fantasy sitcom television series that originally aired for eight seasons on ABC from September 17, 1964, to March 25, more No matter how long “Bewitched” is, you will follow up obediently, … More Be Which!

June’s Happy!

For all of you who are born in June, pls accept our congrats for a new year in your life. May God bless everything you do, and make you happy all along your journey:   Positive vibes defeat bad intentions! 😉        

Geico Fails⁴!

Encouragement for those who are in a shock pays! 😉  If you went through a car accident, what would be the first thing you would think of? The most logical thought would be: “Am I gonna make it?” Always welcome back to your pages great friends from the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Japan, Nigeria, Finland, … More Geico Fails⁴!

Geico Fails³!

Perfection, as some said, is an old fashion but honesty never is! 😉  It is all chaos with this company. You are not the first one to be denied their coverage. This has happened before. Save blaming yourself and find out who can interfere to get you your money. Always welcome back to your pages … More Geico Fails³!

Geico Fails²!

Your aging parents are the real loving ones! 😉 You are not to blame since you trust this company. You think that it is trustworthy but unfortunately, they prove the opposite.  It is all a bizarre. When you use your logic, things come clear to your mind but when you have doubts, it wouldn’t make … More Geico Fails²!

Geico Fails!

The book can take you places you’ve never been to! 😉 You are not to blame since you trust this company. You think that it is trustworthy but unfortunately, they prove the opposite.   Always welcome back to your pages great friends from the US, Australia, Canada,  the UK, Japan, Nigeria, Finland, India,, Chile, Latvia, Malaysia, … More Geico Fails!


The unexpected is always surprising! 😉 Being in a car accident is all shaking. It takes away from you the confidence which you used to have of being a good driver, whether you are in fault or not. Always welcome back to your pages great friends from the US, Australia, Canada,  the UK, Japan, Nigeria, Finland, … More Car-Accidents!


Honesty is a gift even at times of pain! 😉 It is a new movie in theaters. It is called “FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE SECRETS OF DUMBLEDORE“. As its title sounds, it is a completely fictional story full of magic action scenes, Harry Potter style. The kids will definitely enjoy it so you can count on … More Dumbledore!

Thank Your Creator!

You plan and plan but what your Creator plan is  prevailing! 😉 Dearest friends, sometimes you forget to thank your Creator for small things or huge ones. The reason might be unknown why you skip “Thanks” for your Lord while you don’t when it comes to humans 🙄 Take the time to thank your Creator … More Thank Your Creator!